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Study Shows Importance of Grandparents in Children's Happiness!

Parents of children with doting & helpful grandparents will rejoice at this latest snippet of news!

A new study has proven that children who have grandparents who are actively involved with them will grow up with higher levels of happiness!

With increasing life expectancy and more intense financial constraints of childcare costs, grandparents are more involved in the lives of their grandbabies than ever before; the role of the grandparent has become more and more significant, and experts say that this is a great thing for our babies!

Professor Ann Buchanan of the Department of Social Policy at the University of Oxford undertook the research of over 1500 children, which found that children with a greater level of involvement from their grandparents had fewer behavioural and emotional problems.

Why could this be?

Professor Buchanan further analysed her data, and found that grandmothers contribute to the nurturing of a child, and grandfathers contribute more towards activities and mentoring. This additional influence on top of the influence of a mum, dad and other role models, further increases the sense of security a child has, hence the positive emotional impact!

As the saying goes; it takes a village. Let’s thank all of the fabulous grandparents in our lives and make sure that we don’t take them for granted!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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