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The Rarest Baby Names in The UK...

Naming a baby can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for an uncommon name!

For many mummies and daddies, a popular baby name isn’t an option; as someone who was one of four Katie’s in my class at primary school, and who had at least 5 friends called Emma, Sarah and Jessica, I can definitely relate to this!

Cosmopolitan, using data from the The National Office For Statistics, has complied the following lists of the rarest baby names in the UK; if you’re struggling to find the perfect uncommon baby name, these lists might be what you need to see! There were more than 300 names, so Cosmopolitan have picked one name for each letter of the Alphabet.

Find the original ONS list here.

Rarest names for girls

  1. Adalaide
  2. Breya
  3. Clemmie
  4. Delphie
  5. Eugenia
  6. Franca
  7. Geneva
  8. Hennessey
  9. Israella
  10. Joules
  11. Kinley
  12. Lorie
  13. Meriel
  14. Noomi
  15. October
  16. Prue
  17. Quincy
  18. Reeve
  19. Sunday
  20. Tulip
  21. Umi
  22. Vayda
  23. Wahida
  24. Xyla
  25. Ysabella
  26. Zephyr

Rarest names for boys

  1. Axton
  2. Bowe
  3. Colm
  4. Denby
  5. Emory
  6. Ferris
  7. Grae
  8. Hansel
  9. Iden
  10. Jacobus
  11. Kent
  12. Lowan
  13. Mathis
  14. Niles
  15. Osten
  16. Phileas
  17. Quintus
  18. Reese
  19. Sairus
  20. Thibault
  21. Ugo
  22. Volkan
  23. Whittaker
  24. Xan
  25. Yonas
  26. Zayde

Is YOUR little one’s name featured on these lists? Which names are your favourite, and are there any you’d balk at? I’m in love with ‘Xyla’ and ‘Emory’.

Let us know in the comments!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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