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60 Fun Things To Do at Home For Kids

‘Social distancing’… It’s something that most of us are considering at the moment!

However, if you have children to entertain then it isn’t quite as simple as just ‘battening down the hatches’ and bedding down at home for a few weeks. Children need stimulation, they need play, they need fun, not only for your sanity but for their emotional well-being and cognitive development.

If they’re unable to access childcare for any reason and need to be at home with you, you’re facing two weeks of finding fun things to do with them. For social distancing, this means only going out for very important reasons, so you restrict yourself to your home and garden. This might sound like a nightmare for parents of active children, but there are plenty of things you can fill the days with whilst taking part in social distancing – here’s 60 of them!

We really hope that this helps. If you find you sanity frayed by the end of the day… There’s always wine!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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