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An Open Letter to Those who are Parenting in a Pandemic

Dear mums (and dads) who are parenting in a pandemic,

We see you. We see the struggles you’re going through every single day and we know it’s HARD.

For the parents trying to work at home right now with little ones by their side – we totally get it. For those who are trying to home school whilst working, we SALUTE you.

Our message to you is this.

Please don’t stress about the mess. Try not to over think the amount of screen time your little one is having at the moment whilst you do your best to send that email or call your colleague. Remember – it’s not going to be like this forever.

IGNORE the mum guilt that’s overshadowing everything right now. You are doing your very best at surviving each day. You’re in the middle of a global pandemic with little/no support and that definitely makes you a hero.

BREATHE. Try to embrace this time that you’re having as a family – make the most of those extra cuddles you can have with your little one, hold them close and take in the precious moment. Delight in the stories you can read together and the giggles you can induce. Enjoy your walks and taking in the fresh air.

Just remember this, not all heroes wear capes. They’re sometimes ‘just’ a mum. A mum who’s currently sporting a messy bun, wearing ancient leggings dotted with grubby Weetabix/snot stained hand prints, encompassed by toys and mounds of discarded half eaten kids snacks, whilst sipping a thrice microwaved cuppa and half listening to their seven hundredth episode of Peppa Pig and trying to remain sane.

To whoever is reading this and needs to hear this – you are an amazing parent. You’ve got this.

You’re an absolute hero.

Are you working from home with your little one right now? Let us know how you’re feeling in the comments.

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