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Averting Disaster: How To Get Slime Out Of Hair

If your child was gifted slime this Christmas, you may be cursing the name of whoever kindly (or not so kindly…) thought it would be a sensible gift.

One of the worst complications with slime is, hands down, when it becomes congealed in your child’s hair! Oh my goodness, the hell that ensues is enough to make parents swear off slime for life. But what if it’s too late? Imagine… You’re reading this, hear your child shouting you, and look up to see your child’s hair is CAKED with slime. The very thought gives me palpatations!

You needn’t reach for the hair clippers or scissors though, guys – there are some methods that you can use to remove slime from hair without having to give your child an impromptu bowl cut or shaved head. Thank goodness!

The Weirdest Method We Found…

Mayonnaise. Yep, that’s correct… The food condiment! Simply Shayla has demonstrated in her vlog below – it’s safe (unless there’s any egg allergies), it’s cheap, and whilst it’s messy it can be washed out easily.

We also found this (less smelly) method…

Less smelly than mayo but not too dissimilar, using hair oil is another good method for removing slime from hair – mayo is also quite oily which is why it works so well as it stops the slime from adhering to the surface of the hair. Nicha Sapsarasin shows how the method works in her vlog, which we’ve embedded below. Hair oil is available on most hair care aisles, isn’t very expensive, and doesn’t smell eggy so this may be a preferable method but if caught short and there’s mayo in your kitchen then hey, it’s worth a try!

We hope that these methods have helped, and if you have slime in your house, be careful and make sure your children are aware of what can happen when it comes to hair and slime…

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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