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Small Wins With Small Children - The Battle Of Dinnertime!

 Written by Anna Jane Manvell for her blog, My Meaningful Motherhood.
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“Aww what a cute photo…”, you’re probably thinking. Look how sweet, angelic and happy these little cherubs seem. ,Well yes! Now anyway…

In utter frustration our toddler has picked up the phrase “I don’t like it”.


Well I’m more than certain it hasn’t come from me, as I like most things. And I really don’t think daddy would be that honest with mummy regarding her dinners. So that just leaves pre school. Anyway, I usually hear this phrase several times a day; breakfast, teeth brushing, face washing, watching a film, mummy cleaning, lunch, oh and dinner!#

I really do appreciate her communicating with me, I really do. But it becomes a little wearing after the first five times before 9am. And even more so when mummy has tried her hardest to give you the most yummiest, healthiest, organic and home made dinner. That doesn’t taste like grass. She hasn’t eaten dinner willingly for about 4 evenings now. Which was worrying me, but she does eat well during the day time. I don’t cook anything too exotic so I don’t think its a matter of the flavours being too strong. I think it’s just pure power.

She only has to hear the cutlery draw being opened and she says “I don’t like it mummy”.

So breakthrough evening! She ate all her dinner and pudding! Hurrah! Very happy. Tonight it was spag bol and baby pasta. And a banana and yoghurt for pudding! I was amazed! We rang nanny and daddy to tell them how much of a good girl she had been, eating all her dinner. She looked just so happy with herself it was adorable. She kept saying “I’m amazing mummy”. Haha! Yes you are Isla-Rose.

So I’m very happy. She’s very happy and not hungry. And Isla-Rose can have spaghetti bolognese every night if she wishes. Especially if she eats it all! I will post the recipe online for anyone who’s interested to know the ingredients. More to the point, how many vegetables I’ve managed to hide in the sauce!

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