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Easter: Chocolate, Gifts, or Both?

With Easter approaching, the big debate has arisen once again… Chocolate, gifts, or both?

(Or nothing, if you don’t really celebrate Easter.)

In the past few years, ‘Easter gifts’ have become particularly popular, with many parents electing to get their child new toys, clothes and other gizmos either in lieu of chocolate eggs, or as well as some chocolate eggs. Whether you agree with this or not, we can see why parents do it, and why some would stick to traditional chocolate eggs.

If your child has severe allergies, sometimes even the most popular dairy-free and hypoallergenic chocolate alternatives may not be suitable, so a toy makes a better gift in this instance. Other parents prefer not to give their little one too much sugar, and low sugar Easter eggs are usually geared towards adults so they’re missing the ‘fun’ Easter colours and imagery, so again a toy can be preferred in this instance!

What Toys Make Great Easter Gifts?

What toys could make great Easter gifts? Why not look for things that are related to the Easter theme, or are spring related? You could invest in…

  • Wooden animal figures associated with spring; rabbits, chicks, eggs etc.
  • Egg themed toys.
  • If religious, you could look for religiously themed play sets.

Of course, these are just ideas – your child might LOVE Lego, L.O.L. toys, or anything else, so there’s no right or wrong answer here. We did a poll over in our online community to see what our mummies and daddies have planned for Easter, and the results were as follows;

“I give both gifts and chocolate eggs.” – 50%

“I only give chocolate.” – 35%

“I only give gifts.” – 10%

“I give neither.” – 5%

We asked for some insight into their responses… The response was very varied!

Beth: “I don’t give Easter gifts, don’t see the point in wasting money.”


Rebekah: “I give gifts. I don’t like my girls having a lot of chocolate and I know other people will get it for them so they’re happy with gifts from us.”


Sadie-May: “My son has CMPA, we plant magic beans the night before and the Easter bunny turns them into lollipops. I probably spend a tenner buying funky lollies when I see them.”

Ellie: “I don’t do much. I just get my son a couple of small Easter eggs and a small gift, maybe a couple of books or something.”

So, clearly, there is no right or wrong here.

It all depends on your budget, your stance on sweet treats, and your approach to Easter. There’s nothing wrong with pushing the boat out and doing both chocolate and gifts, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking to one or the other. There’s also no shame in simply not giving anything too!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments, we’d be interested to hear.

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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