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Falling In Love With Your Child Over... And Over... And Over Again!

The love you have for your child is indescribable, right? Of all the different forms of love, the love for a child surpasses all.

Have you ever found yourself, to your surprise, to feel like you’re falling in love with your child all over again? Not that you stopped loving them at any point – but have you looked at them and suddenly felt the familiar hot sting of ‘love tears’ in your eyes, and the warm little flutters in your chest as you gaze at your perfect little love? The feeling of falling in love, it hits you like a sack of bricks, and reminds you all over again just how much you LOVE your baby!

It happens to me quite a lot, and I actually really love it. It really helps me on a mental level; it reinforces my self confidence as a mum, my belief in my ability to be a tender and patient mummy, and generally reminds me constantly of just how lucky I am to have the privilege of being a mama. They help me to self reflect on my engagement and connection with my son and keep myself trying my best for him, all the time, and I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Those periodical little swoons at random times – they really do serve a purpose!

I’ve chatted to quite a few mums who actually worry about experiencing this; they worry that it means they’ve not been as loving as they could be, and that it’s their minds way of reminding them – this isn’t true. Falling in love with your child over and over again doesn’t mean your feelings towards them changed, nor is it a reflection on your bond as a parent, it’s just a natural evolvement and ‘growth’ of the parent and child relationship. It’s like a tree… you continue to sprout new branches and connections over the years. But it’s still a tree, whether it’s a seed, a sapling, or a mighty oak!

There’s not much point to this post, I hold my hands up. Sometimes though, it really helps to put positive feelings into writing to help spread a little warmth in the world, am I right? Let’s celebrate and promote love as much as possible!


Love from Katie & Max. Xx

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