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Funny Parenting Fails!

Parenting is bloomin’ hard, I’m sure we’ll all agree! We all have moments of triumph, as well as moments where things go wrong. It’s normal!

If you’re a new parent and feeling bogged down by ‘parent guilt’ because things aren’t always going to plan, first of all, don’t fret – you’re not alone. A fabulous way to beat the blues and mum guilt is to see the funny side of things; if you don’t know whether to laugh or cry when shit hits the fan, always choose the laughter. It’s the best medicine!

We’re only human, after all.

Real Hilarious Parenting Fails

We’ve had a chat with the wonderful parents over in our online community and LOVED the responses we had; we couldn’t feature them all as there were hundreds but here are just a few of our favourite…

Katie McNelly: “I was carrying my 2 year old on my hip while on the school run, she decided she wanted to walk so I went to put her down. For some reason she lost her balance when she got down and so it looked like I had just thrown her to the floor!”

Jack Ford: “Our son was 2 and pulled himself up to see toys on the shelf on his cabinet… as soon as he did he sneezed and bonked his head on the shelf… sadly I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself quickly…. bad daddy.”

Louise-Patricia Dalby: “My tired self put trousers on my eldest this morning thinking it was his 3-4 year old size. Getting really confused why they wouldn’t go on properly realised they were 3-6 month size from his baby brothers clothes.”

Abbey Jury: “I sent my daughter to nursery with odd shoes. I mean they were the same shoe just different sizes!”

Nadine Howell: “None of us picked my kids up from school until I had an embarrassing phone call from the head asking if someone is coming I thought hubby was and vice versa!”

Dani Walker: “I took my newborn son to look for a new pram. Paid a deposit and left the shop. Got to the top of the street and realised that not only had I stolen the pram, but my gorgeous new baby was in HIS pram back in the store. The shopkeeper was lovely and reassured me that I wasn’t a terrible mum!”

Kirsty Billsborough: “Putting sausage party on for the kids – they were traumatised.. I couldn’t find the remote for about 20 minutes!”

Holly Marie Withers: “Spilt Prosecco on my toddlers head at a christening party.”

Which is your favourite? I love them all, but I think the sausage party story is the funniest… If you look it up, don’t watch it around your kids as it’s for adult eyes only!

Remember ladies & gentlemen… We’re only human, even as parents. Things go wrong. Shit hits the fan. But that’s life and is no reflection on you as a parent!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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