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Gift Bragging & Why It's So Annoying...

♫ I’m dreaming, of a nice Christmas,

One where people don’t write bragging posts… ♫

This is something that gets LOTS of parents backs up, especially in parenting groups. Just picture it; someone posts a photo of a GINORMOUS pile of presents (either on their personal profile or into a group on Facebook).

Then, WW3 breaks out.

Even if you’re not outright captioning the photo ‘LOOK HOW MUCH MONEY I SPENT, AREN’T I SUCH A BRILLIANT PARENT?!!!!‘, the bragging tones are still there nonetheless if you feel the need to post a picture of a giant pile, either asking ‘is this enough’ (C’MON, you know full well that it is more than enough), or ‘awww can’t wait to see their faces’ (trust me, the boxes will be the highlight for them…) or posting in mum groups asking other mums to comment with photos of their pile so that you can compare and feel smug & superior.

Look. No one gives a flying fuck what you’ve spent on your kids this Christmas. Only YOU.

The point is, there are struggling parents out there who feel like they’re inadequate as they can’t afford to go all out and they don’t need salt rubbed into the wound with a newsfeed full of braggy posts. There are also other parents who have spent a massive amount, but don’t feel the need to share this with the world for validation.

If you think that your worth as a parent is dependant on how much tat you can shove under a tree on one day of the year, and that you need to be validated by strangers online, then please listen to me; it’s not relevant. As long as your child is warm, clean, loved and nourished, you’re fab.

It doesn’t matter what you spend or how much you buy. Bragging about it won’t make you a better parent.

What is your perspective on gift bragging? Tell us in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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