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Kinder Surprise Hot Chocolate Bombe!

Thank you so much to Neha at Squashedpickle for this amazing Hot Chocolate recipe!

This looks perfect for warming up after playing outside in the snow… it’s definitely going to be a hit with the kids! What a tasty treat.

Neha (squashedpickle) says: It’s snowing. It’s cold. All I need is a Kinder Surprise Hot Chocolate. These are in no way healthy (apart from the Whole Milk!). But who cares – it’s a bit of fun and they taste sooooo so good!
In case you don’t know, hot chocolate bombes are chocolate spheres filled with marshmallows, or anything you fancy really, that, when you pour hot milk over, they melt and turn into delicious, creamy hot chocolate.
To make a Kinder Surprise Hot Chocolate Bombe you will need:
a Kinder surprise
a cup of Hot milk (I use Whole Milk)
Hot chocolate powder (for one serving)
Mini marshmallows (as many as you can fit into the shell!)
Start by opening your egg. I use a knife to get it just right! Remove the toy and set aside. Fill half of the egg with some hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows.
Heat the milk in a saucepan and set aside.
Take the empty half of the kinder egg and use the hot pan to melt the edges of the egg – pop it on top of the filled half and seal to create a bombe!
Fill a mug with hot milk . Pop the Kinder Egg bombe into the hot milk and stir well.
We are definitely going to give this one a go – thank you Neha! 

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