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Mother Accuses Asda Of Selling Sexist Clothing

In a recent post on Facebook, user Debbie Dee, wanted to highlight something she found truly horrific and offensive. But not everybody agreed.

Debbie Dee from Huntly, Aberdeenshire was casually browsing her local Asda when she noticed a slogan on a jumper.

The £4 jumper caught her eye due to it reading, “boys will be boys“. She expressed how she was “quite literally gobsmacked” and “raging”. As her post went on, she urged others to email, tweet or Facebook message ASDA themselves to presumably have the product taken from the shelves.

Credit: Facebook/Debbie Dee

Where there were some who defended her comments and also emailed Asda to complain, a large majority of people defended ASDA. Even going as far as purchasing the jumper out of spite.

People from all various social platforms chipped in and expressed their opinions regarding Debbie’s post…

Debbie did try to explain her reasons for her post, she wrote:

‘Let me be clear: I’m not “offended” by this jumper. I am angry that it is for sale as I think the phrase “boys will be boys” is very problematic.

‘It has historically and still is used to excuse bad behaviour (in boys and men) like hitting, being destructive or boisterous. And even as far as excusing rape and sexual assault.

‘Look I get it. Most people say this and don’t mean any harm by it.

‘But boys having their behaviour excused like this from an early age – this message of being above the rules, it sticks. It also implied that boys have no impulse control. Boys are perfectly capable of respecting people and property.

‘This idea trivialises male behaviour and is the beginning of how society has one rule and set of expectations for boys and another for girls.

‘In my opinion, this particular phrase perpetuates rape culture.

‘How many women have been harassed by men and had it explained away as “boys will be boys”? I know a mum of a 6 year old who was cornered recently by 4 boys, saying she had to kiss them. The parents of the boys said “oh they’re just boys being boys”.

‘And I haven’t even touched on the whole issue of this presupposing that gender is binary. What about when boys are not boys?’

Credit: Daily Mail

And a spokesman for Asda said: “Our aim is to make clothes people love, never to offend.”

After the newfound fame, publicity and attention, Debbie has since deleted her post from Facebook. Meaning nobody can view it, only the screenshots taken from others.

See the offending jumper here.

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