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New Year, New Fun: Plans For 2020

New Year, new fun! What are your plans for 2020?

If you’re feeling a little uninspired this New Year’s Eve, we’ve found some fabulous suggestions to make your 2020 the best year ever! We asked the parents over in our online community to share their hopes and plans for 2020, and we were inundated with some magical suggestions!

Happy New Year to all of our fabulous followers.

Going On Holiday

One of the top plans for 2020 amongst our parenting community was to book a holiday! The top three destinations were…

  • Disneyland
  • Somewhere hot
  • Centre Parcs

We can definitely get on board with this 2020 plan! Family holidays are the perfect way to make memories with your children that will last a lifetime, so get planning! If you’re short of funds, there are many holiday companies that accept a low or even no deposit, and allow monthly payment. You could also grab a last minute deal.

Saving For a Wedding

This was me this time last year… Weddings are expensive! A lot of our parents are dedicating 2020 to saving some funds for their upcoming nuptials.

Why not join our sister company Your Wedding Hub UK‘s private community group here? You’ll find lots of marvellous wedding advice and inspiration in there.

Get a New House

Unhappy with where you’re living? Why not use the new year as a chance to find a fresh start somewhere new? If you’re renting, you could save up for the fees involved and find somewhere that suits you better. If you’re a council tenant, speak to your local council about the process involved in finding new housing. If you’re a home owner, you could use 2020 as your year to save up for moving costs and things like stamp duty, and find your dream home. Lots of new build companies will actually pay your stamp duty and may even sell your house for you so it’s well worth researching.

Get a New Job

If you’re stuck in a job that you loathe, 2020 could be the perfect opportunity to get yourself out there and find the job of your dreams. It’s important to…

  • Get your CV updated.
  • Get your cover letter updated.
  • Gather all important paperwork like qualifications.
  • Get yourself the perfect interview outfit.

Good luck to anyone who will be going to job interviews in 2020!

Lose Some Weight

This was definitely one of our most popular plans for 2020, especially after the Christmas food indulgence that so many of us enjoy… 2020 could be the year that you finally reach your goal weight.

Start a New Business

Lots of our parents dream of becoming enterprising – do you have a dream to start a new business? Use 2020 as your starting point and get on that horse, guys. It’s good to research the following;

  • Do I need to register as self-employed?
  • How does paying tax work?
  • Do I need to inform HMRC of anything?
  • Where could I base my business?
  • Will costs will I need to pay if I base myself outside of my home?
  • What branding should I use (company name, logo etc)
  • Should I set up a website and social media accounts?
  • If making products, how do I get CE testing done?

Avoid Getting Pregnant

This one made us laugh – a few mummies have told us of plans to have their tubes tied and make sure 2020 is a baby-free year!

Have Another Baby

Conversely, a lot of our parents have told us that they dream of having another baby, and that they hope 2020 is their year. This is definitely one that I can relate to an awful lot…

Sending baby dust to everyone who is trying to conceive in 2020!

Pass My Driving Test

Are you keen to get on the road but perhaps you’ve struggled to find the motivation to get started? Let 2020 be your year. Ask for instructor recommendations on Facebook and get yourself some lessons booked – you can do this!

Get Fitter

One we can all aspire to, I bet! 2020 could be the year that you achieve your fitness goals. Some goals we’ve spotted are…

  • Running a 5k
  • Running a half marathon
  • Running a full marathon (wow!)
  • Joining a gym and going consistently
  • Joining a sports team
  • Learning how to weight lift

Get a New Tattoo

Our parents who adore body art have suggested using 2020 as an opportunity to gain some new ink – why not get a new tattoo to mark 2019? You could commemorate…

  • A new baby
  • A loss in the family
  • A pet
  • Your favourite holiday destination
  • Something else special that happened to you in 2019

Find Myself Again

Let’s face it, becoming a parent can mean that you ‘lose yourself’. You become all about your baby, and that is absolutely normal but there comes a point where any new parent wishes for their old self; their confidence, their energy, their enthusiasm, their approach to self-care, the list is endless.

2020 could be the year that you reconnect with yourself. It’s so easy to forget to take 5 minutes for yourself when you become a parent, so these suggestions could help;

  • When your child goes to bed, ensure you dedicate a small slot of time to YOU – not housework, not anything else, just you.
  • Give yourself a weekly treat; get your nails done, have a bubble bath, have a glass of wine with friends, read a good book.
  • Find a new hobby – writing, painting, reading, cooking, a sport, the possibilities really are endless.

Get a Dog

If you’ve dreamt of getting an animal friend for your family but have never got around to it, why not make 2o20 your year to fulfil this dream? We recommend adopting rather than purchasing a puppy as it means less pups are left in dog kennels! If you do, it’s important to consider the following;

  • Time: can you dedicate time to a dog?
  • Expensive: can you afford insurance/vet bills, food, collars etc?
  • Children: do you feel that your children will cope well with a dog, or that the dog you’ve picked will be suitable for your children in terms of temperament?
  • Space: do you have the space for a dog?
  • Commitment: can you commit yourself to this dog? Sadly many people don’t consider this leading to unsuccessful dog ownership which is so, so sad, especially considering dogs bond to their family and don’t understand when they’re taken away.

What are YOUR plans for 2o20?

Let us know in the comments!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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