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No Chimney? No Problem!

No chimney? No problem! Santa can still find his way indoors…

Parents who live in homes without a fireplace, or with an electric fireplace and no chimney, often ask us ‘how are we going to explain Santa to the kids?’ This is understandable when you think about it… Santa Claus is known for making his way down chimneys to leave us gifts, but with the modernisation of buildings everywhere and the movement away from coal fires, chimneys are less and less predominant on our skylines meaning that there’s a whole new element of the Santa folklore needing to evolve – his entry into homes!

We had a chat with the parents over in our online community and asked what they tell their children if they don’t have a chimney/fireplace…

Santa has a magic key to the front door

This was one of the most popular suggestion amongst our mummies and daddies! Hanging a ‘magic key’ out for Santa on Christmas Eve could become a tradition for your children – you can even buy personalised magic keys. We love this one*, and it currently has free UK postage too!

Santa magically appears in the home

Another popular suggestion was to tell children that Santa is magical, and that he can magically appear in your house – like the characters apparating and disapparating in Harry Potter – to deliver your bounty of gifts.

Why not use a stencil and some baking powder to leave snowy ‘Santa’ footprints from the front door to the Christmas tree? We love this one*, and there’s currently 10% off too!

He makes himself small and sneaks in through the letter box

You could also tell your children that Santa, with his mystical powers, shrinks himself and your gifts to the size of the Borrowers and sneaks in through the letter box – this one is quite imaginative!

He gets in through our magical elf door

If you’re doing a Christmas elf visit this year for your kids, why not get an elf door as elf’s entry point to your home and incorporate that into Santa’s visit? It could be a ‘portal to the north pole’! We love this one* – isn’t it adorable?!

All in all, you don’t need to worry if your home is lacking a chimney for Santa to make his visit.

These are just a few of the many fabulous ways in which you can explain how Santa gets into the house to deliver gifts, and we hope that you find the perfect way of explaining for you and your little ones. Merry Christmas!

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx


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