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Potty Training Tips From Real Mummies

Potty training is by far one of the biggest milestones you and your little one will encounter together. It’s totally natural to feel a bit apprehensive, and not know where to start.

This is where advice from real parents who’ve been there comes in handy – we’ve got you covered! Our online community of mummies and daddies is always one we can count on for some excellent tips and advice. Potty training is a topic lots of our members ask about daily, so we’ve put together this helpful potty training guide for you.

Firstly… How do I know if my child is ready to be potty trained?

No child is the same, first and foremost. Some are ready as young as 18 months, and some are still getting used to the potty at the age of 4, it varies so much! If your child isn’t very verbal, they may still be able to communicate their need through other ques, but there are some general signs of readiness that are a good indication;

  • Dry nappies for at least 1-2 hours at a time.
  • They can understand when they’re weeing or pooping, and may be able to tell you.
  • They pull at a dirty nappy, take it off, or ask you to change it.
  • You can recognise signs/ques, such as hiding, going quiet, or fidgeting.
  • They know when they have a need and can communicate this in advance.

Child sat on the potty – how young was your little one ready?

The parents in our online community had some valuable insight that they wanted to share with you;

Don’t rush them.

Quite a few comments in the community all mentioned that it is important to NOT rush your child.  Tessa Parker told us;

“All 3 of mine a tried a few times and knew within a day they weren’t ready so stopped and when they began asking that is when I knew and all 3 of them within 2 days were completely dry day and night.”

Clare Gray told us to ‘not put too much pressure on them’, as did Cathie Tibbs, and Clarie Durey stressed the importance of following a child’s lead.

Make it fun

Keeping potty training stress free and rewarding use can really encourage and motivate your child to potty train. Bethany Davies has a fabulous idea;

“I made a goody bag with things my son liked and he dipped his hand in for a surprise every time he did a poo on the toilet.”

Get them used to the potty/toilet gradually through introduction.

Our very own Bethany Collings told us that she put her little one on the potty every 30 minutes over a period of time which helped them to understand and become potty trained really quickly. It’s so important that they’re given this time to become comfortable with the potty (or toilet), and consistency will help them to understand and become potty trained.

Use warmer weather as an opportunity.

We took advantage of the spring and summer to let Max run around with no bottoms on after introducing him to the potty. It took a few reminders and accidents, luckily in the garden because the weather was nice, but we found that this was a great time to potty train.

Put the potty in the bathroom so that your little one associates you going to the toilet with them using their potty.

Children learn well through mimicry, and once they realise you’re not doing a wee wee or poo poo in a nappy, but on your very own potty, they’ll want to be just like you. We found that doing this really helped to potty train Max, especially because his potty looks like a mini toilet!

Ultimately, it’s important to remember this final tip…

Don’t get stressed out if your child doesn’t take to the potty as fast as you anticipated. It takes time and practice. Sometimes, emotional upheaval and big changes in life can cause regressions, which is totally normal and something that will pass. Together, you and your child can crack this, we promise!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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