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Real VBAC Stories

If you’re a mum who has experienced a caesarean section, you may have spotted the term ‘VBAC’ – but what is it?

We’ll be taking a look at what a VBAC is, who to ask about having one, and some real life VBAC stories to help anyone who is keen to try and have their very own VBAC! We hope that this helps.

What is a VBAC?

‘VBAC’ stands for Vaginal Birth After Caesarean. Sometimes, you may see a number before the C, if a mum has had more than one caesarean, but this isn’t as common.

A successful VBAC, according to The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, has less chance of complications, faster recovery, and less risk of inital breathing problems for your baby when compared to a repeat caesarean – read more on this here. However, it’s important to take any risks posed by your individual medical situation into account too!

Who can have a VBAC?

After a previous c-section, you’ll usually be offered an elective/planned c-section the next time you have a baby. However, you may also be given the option of a VBAC. There are many medical circumstances that may impact whether it is safe for you to choose a VBAC or not. In this case, we strongly advise that you sit and talk with your consultant about whether it is safe for you to have one, and take their advice into consideration.

The NHS says that two out of three (60-70%) mums who choose a VBAC successfully give birth vaginally, which are pretty good odds! If you had a vaginal birth before your previous c-section, these odds increase to 90%! Read more here. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists also has a very useful information resource about the benefits, risks and other factors here.

There are some circumstances where a VBAC may not be advised, and some factors that may lower your odds of a successful VBAC – read more here.

We asked the mummies in our community to share their VBAC stories with us…
Charlie Smith:

My vbac went really smooth, I was induced with the balloon and admitted at 1cm, 2 hours later I was 6cm and went up to the labour ward. I was stuck at 8cm for 8 hours, on the 8th hour they broke my waters and within half an hour and 8 minutes worth of pushing my little girl was born!

Kay Taylor:

My VBAC was my best birth out my 3 boys!

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