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Sentimental Ways To Keep Old Baby Clothes

If your baby has grown out of their precious first clothes, you may be feeling emotionally conflicted.

Are you torn between selling them, giving away to an expectant mum, sending them to the charity shop, or storing them away? Well, there are other things that you can do that will mean you get to keep sentimental baby clothes and continue to enjoy them. The mummies and daddies in our online community were very helpful on this front, and shared their own ideas with us;

  • A memory frame
  • Teddy made from the clothing
  • Clothing patchwork quilt
  • Memory box

We’ve shared our favourite picks from each idea… We hope that this helps!

Memory Frame

This sweet memory frame is a lovely way to protect cherished memories of your new baby. It can be hung anywhere in your house and enjoyed for years to come!

You can get your own personalised frame here*.

Plush Teddy

If you’re a fan of unusual ideas and aren’t too upset at the thought of clothes being cut, re-purposing them as an adorable teddy is a great idea. Every time you look at the plush, you’ll be reminded of your tiny tot in their early days. Just remember that this isn’t designed to be a toy – it’s decorative.

You can get your own teddy here*.

Patchwork Quilt

Another savvy re-purposing idea is to have a patchwork quilt made from those first baby clothes! A quilt is also a practical and useful item, so you’re winning on both counts.

Find your own personalised patchwork keepsake quilt here*.

Memory Box

A more simple idea for parents who are adverse to the cutting up of their precious sentimental baby clothes, a memory box is a great place to store away that favourite romper, and those first teeny tiny booties.

You can find your own born in 2019 memory box here*.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for sentimental baby clothes? Let us know in the comments!

Love from Team BBY. Xx


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