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Dear BBY: Share Your Problems With Our Agony Aunts!

Hello, mummies & daddies!

Do you have a problem troubling you, or a situation to share for an outsiders perspective? Our Agony Aunts have your back.

All you need to do is;

  • Click here for the submission form.
  • Fill in the form; you don’t need to give us your name and email address but if you do, we’re fully GDPR compliant and will keep your anonymity. Your details may help us to contact you if we have any helpful advice for you.
  • Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for your question. We will host it on our website, and share it on our Facebook page.
  • Please note demand for this has been high so we may not be able to answer all submissions. We’ll try to get all submissions published as quickly as possible but can’t guarantee same day posting.
  • We cannot post anything that may be considered too divisive, or any identifiers that may compromise your anonymity!

We hope that this new feature helps our mummies & daddies to overcome problems, find fantastic solutions, and achieve peace of mind. There’s nothing better than a listening ear and a supportive shoulder!

Lots of love from Team BBY. Xx

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