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The Importance of 'Cute Candids'

I was browsing Instagram the other day and spotted this post shared by a friend;

It really hit home for me, and I’m sure it will have an impact on other mummies too. I’m quite self conscious (and prone to being caught on camera mid-gurn) so it’s usually me behind the camera, rather than the subject. It made me wonder, just how many beautiful moments with my baby boy have I missed…?







I really took it to heart, and showed my husband the post. Bless his cotton socks, he definitely took notice and he sent me a surprisingly adorable photo he’d snuck a few hours after our conversation…. It’s not something I’d usually share, but this post really hit home!

Why is it important to capture candid moments?

It’s all fair and well to show only cultivated, posed snapshots – these photographs are gorgeous and perfectly valid. However, not giving credit to the beautiful and emotional moments you share where you may have hair out of place, no make up, be in scruffy pyjamas, just sends out the wrong message. It is NORMAL and acceptable to be human and show that for all the picture perfect moments, there are many more where you’re just a normal mum, covered in yoghurt and with the trademark scruffy mum bun. There’s no shame in it, and ignoring these moments means that you potentially miss out on memories to look back on one day when you’re old, grey and a grandparent.

Don’t be afraid to take that selfie with your cherub sans a face of makeup. Don’t be ashamed to be snapped snuggling your adorable newborn in last weeks pyjamas and unwashed hair. Capture those moments regardless, you won’t look back in thirty years and think ‘urgh, I look revolting’, you’ll more likely be overjoyed to reminisce about the precious moments you and the kids shared.

For these reasons, me and my colleagues have been loving Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash over the past week – the candid snaps they’ve shared of themselves becoming parents to their new son are so raw, real and unpretentious. See more here!

Here’s the candid photo my darling husband sent me…

I’m wearing no make up in that photo, my hair is chucked into a scruffy updo, I have a huge bruise on my arm, my son is wearing a old t-shirt and no bottoms, the bed isn’t made, but you know what? Who cares. All that matters is the lovely moment me and my little boy shared.

So, pass this onto your family and friends, and you won’t be disappointed by all the magical moments you’d have otherwise missed…

Love from Katie. Xx

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