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The Importance of Having Something To Look Forward To

I love being a mum, I love being a wife, I love being a homemaker, and I love my job.

But holy crap, the day-in-day-out tedium of the same thing, over and over again, it drags. It makes many parents feel burnt out, fed up, bored and creates such a feeling of malaise that we just ache for something to shake it up a little!

Breakfast. Clean up the chaos. School run. Work. Clean. Pick up. Clubs. Chaos. More cleaning. More chaos. Bed time. A small moment to breathe. A crap nights sleep. Rinse, repeat, until you’re merely going through the motions – hardly healthy for anyone’s mental health, really. This is why it is mega important for everyone to make plans that fill them with excitement and anticipation;

  • Having something to look forward to helps to push us through the hard, boring shit that comes with general life. Keep tidying up after Hurricane Toddler whilst daydreaming, not long until you can put them down and have fun!
  • Ultimately, you deserve time dedicated to something that fills you with joy. You work hard, and these plans are the ultimate reward from you, to you. It helps motivate you do keep doing what you do, and gives you that ‘feel good factor’ to know that you’ve worked hard to be able to make the plans you’re enjoying!
  • Fun can reduce stress and depression; enough said.

What I’m looking forward to…

  • Our honeymoon in May! We’re going down to Torquay for a week in a cabin with a hot tub overlooking Goodrington Sands and Torbay with our toddler (he’s not quite ready to go abroad), as it’s a very special place for us for many reasons and flying is a ballache with a toddler. Making plans for this is giving me the drive to push through the hard work of parenting and working life.
  • Max’s 3rd birthday; admittedly, this is 6 months away, but booking his party and planning a theme is getting me giddy already!
  • A big clothes shopping spree next week – this doesn’t really need explanation, eh guys!
  • A trip to Splash Landings in the next few weeks… Max is a water baby and seeing him having lots of fun makes me and my husband so happy!

Plans that you could make without breaking the bank…

  • Plan a regular slot for a trip to the local park or swimming baths.
  • Arrange childcare and plan a date night, or even a night in alone with a bubble bath, Netflix and pizza for the ultimate recharging experience!
  • Join a local group or class that you’re interested in so that you have something to look forward to regularly.

What do YOU have to look forward to? Tell us in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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