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The Rainbow Window Message of Hope

To combat loneliness our children are feeling as well as the anxiety and confusion during school closures, parents & children everywhere are putting rainbows in their windows.

Why a rainbow?

There are quite a few different claims as to the origins of this new trend, all stemming from the closure of schools and isolation brought about by the coronavirus. The general consensus is that the rainbow is a symbol of hope and joy, and putting a rainbow in your window for others to admire as they walk past symbolises us all getting through these hard times (like a rainbow after a storm), as well as making people smile. The bright colours are also cheerful!

A lot of the parents over in our online community are taking part in the rainbow window activity!

It’s a great way to spend time with kids during the school closures, and the results are beautiful. People have made their rainbows in so many different ways…

  • Painting the window from the inside
  • Using handprints to create the layers of the rainbow
  • Painting on paper and then displaying this in the window
  • A couple of parents have even used chalk on their driveways to add a whole new level to this
  • Paper cut out and stuck into the glass in rainbow colour formation

We’ve had so many photo submissions, too many for us to show you them all, so here are just some of the wonderful rainbow window displays that our parenting community have been putting together. We hope that it makes you smile.

Megan Deacon-Mills, Sara Ann Crankshaw, Chloe Clarke, Margo Tomlinson


Alisha Grace Murphy, Natalie Stock, Trudie Marlow, Rebecca Bird


Gayle Hajipanayi, Jessie Cuming, Hayley May Waddell, Sarah Brody


Emma Lee Thomas, Laura Hutton, Victoria Bolton, Jennie Louise Cameron


Gem Beeston, Sarah Newcombe Jones, Chloe Louise Taylor, Hayley Louise Goody

Stay safe, everyone!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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