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The Realities of Being a Parent to a Christmas Baby

Happy Birthmas to all the Christmas Babies!

Do you have a Christmas baby, or are you one yourself? Then you’ll be able to relate to this! Being a parent (or being) to a Christmas baby definitely gets a very mixed review, for many reasons. We’ve asked the parents in our Facebook community to give us an insight on what the realities are of being a parent to a Christmas baby, and what they love & loathe about it – the responses we got were amazing. This could also help our followers who are trying to conceive and are unsure whether to try for a Christmas baby or not…

The Cons…

  • Being given joint birthday & Christmas gifts, or having to explain to a child why they’ve only had one present for both occasions whereas their siblings get two gifts.
  • Birthdays being forgotten because of Christmas – this is one that really annoys our mummies & daddies!
  • Being in hospital over Christmas giving birth… I mean, having a baby truly is one of the most life changing and amazing experiences of our lives, but being stuck on a drab ward with hospital food is a bit blah over Christmas.

The Pros…

  • Being spoilt twice in one small period (if you’re fortunate enough to not be given one present for both!) is amazing!
  • Christmas becomes twice as special because there’s two special occasions going on!
  • Birthdays are more magical with the festivities going on at the same time – you get all the sparkly decorations, flashing lights and merriment at the same time.

We asked the mummies and daddies in our Facebook community to share with us their realities of having or being a Christmas baby…

Louise-Patricia Dalby: My brother is Boxing Day and we have been brought up that his birthday is separate and should be treated so means no joint presents the works

Nicole McCormick: My father in laws birthday is on Christmas Day we call it Mickmas
Helen- Marie Mitchell: My eldest two are the 23rd of December and people combine giving their presents all on the same day so it’s not special bugs me xx
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