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The Truth About The 'Terrible Twos'...

The terrible 2s.

‘Oh yes mines going through the terrible 2s already too.’ An innocent comment from a first time mum with a 12-22 month old. One I said myself when he was younger.

No. No. That isn’t the terrible 2s. That’s like a warm up act getting ready for the main event.

At times you’ll think, ‘I can’t do this.’ Every parenting trick in a book, on tv, from friends, will fail and you’ll end up a mess screaming at a child that doesn’t understand that he’s being an ass.. (or maybe that’s just me) Gone will be your placid little pumpkin that you can keep happy with some keys and funny faces. Replaced will be a tornado that loves pushing boundaries by hitting, pushing, kicking, biting just to get a reaction. You’ll have a kid that doesn’t listen to a word you say and will continue to do something you don’t want them to do even though you’re constantly shouting their name. It is completely emotionally draining and a continuous battle of wills.

They will literally push you to the very edge…and then ‘Love you mummy’. Those 3 words and all is forgiven.

2 year olds are hard work. 2 year olds are trouble. But 2 year olds are finally at the age where they can talk to you somewhat and make your heart melt. They’ll randomly just run up to you shouting cuggles! They are soul destroying and the most rewarding thing at the same time. Most importantly though, they are yours, forever and they are worth every second. So if you also have a 2 year old, remember you’re not alone, we’re all going through it behind closed doors and you’re doing a great job even if you think you’re not. Just think…threenanger next!

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