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Its So Unfair - Expectation v Reality

Written by Louisa Ings for her blog, It’s So Unfair.

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Happy New Year Everyone! 2018 baby!!



We will have such a laugh! Go to all the shops that they love! Find amazing things that Ollie will be so impressed with and realise he has the coolest parents in the world! It will be amazing!


Enter the first shop, Ollie finds a top he likes. I stupidly suggest to try it on as it looks kinda small. He refuses and refuses to buy it  because trying it on was pointless! Breathe – plaster on smile and continue. Then I suggest to try on some football boots, one of the things he wanted  (Louisa, stop suggesting things for the love of god!!!!!!!!). He replied, ‘no they don’t fit.‘

WHAT?!??!! So you’ve tried every boot in this entire shop and you know that for a FACT that they all don’t fit?!

Reuben could see my happy cool parent demeanour was starting to slip so turned into angel child – ‘look at this mummy, oh the birds are singing, you look so pretty today’………… too late! Lost it, scary gut voice came screeching out and the rest of the shopping trip consisted of us walking behind each other looking miserable! It was fun!


Feed them first! Do not take teenagers shopping hungry – Hangry happens!! It’s not pretty and it breeds! Do not offer any opinion until it’s asked for. Be strong and hold on tight!

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