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Waste Not, Want Not: Making The Most of Your Pumpkin

If you’ve got your pumpkins and are preparing to carve them, are you considering what to do with the surplus?

After scooping out the innards in preparation for carving your pumpkin, you’re left with lots and lots of seeds, a lot of stringy fibrous flesh, and usually a good few inches of thick pumpkin flesh that you can scrape out without making the surface of the pumpkin too weak.

This is ALL good to use. Even so, every year, a huge amount of pumpkin is wasted in the UK. This infographic from Cut The Wrap is pretty eye opening…

  • 180,000 tonnes of pumpkin are binned!
  • That’s equivalent to 2 slices of pumpkin pie for every person in the UK…
  • Or a bowl of pumpkin soup per person – yummy!

There's nothing as scary as the amount of pumpkin ending up in the bin this Halloween!

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