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Ways in Which Motherhood Has Changed My Life For The Better

After writing a blog about the not-so-positive aspects of parenthood, I sat and reflected with a glass of wine. What about the benefits that I have reaped from becoming a mama? Why not share a little love with our readers?

It’s nice to sit back and appreciate the good fortune in your life; I hope that this piece helps any apprehensive parent-to-be feel excited and joyous about their incoming bundle of joy!

Sense of Purpose

I never lacked any sense of purpose as such; I went to uni, I’ve worked since I was 16, but becoming a parent was the missing puzzle piece that I never knew was missing. My world revolves around my son, I live for my son, I BREATHE for my son. Max has become my anchor and my reason for making every second matter, regardless of my education and career aspirations. Obviously I’m not saying that childless people or people who don’t want babies lack a sense of purpose – just for me, as an individual, motherhood has become my purpose in life, without sounding like an affront to feminism and modernity!


My perspective on life was all wrong – I was all fight, always fired up and on the defence, ready to battle 24/7. I’m still a hot head, that will never change, but these days I’m far more likely to actively avoid conflict rather than chasing it down like a dog with a bone. Max and my loved ones deserve my time and energy far more than idiots.

Knowing Who REALLY Matters

Fake friends, we all have had at least one, right? Well, becoming a parent well and truly opened my eyes and taught me to spot snakes lurking and given me the energy to cut them off. Parenthood also taught me that sometimes, blood really isn’t thicker than water. People who’ve been there for me and my little family are now my priority over blood relatives who don’t make an effort.

Financial Management

Ok, so I still love spending money on nice things and I’m still crap at saving, but way better than before, especially since I’m not going out on the lash 3 times a week and getting plastered any more. I don’t see the shame in enjoying your hard earned cash, but now I find myself adding to my savings with Max’s future in mind… ha, so responsible!

Sense of Self & Fulfilment

Self-realisation has come to me in bucketloads ever since I entered this new stage of life. A bout of PND knocked my sense of self massively off the rails for a while, but I bounced back, and I’m now way more in touch with myself as a person in many ways. I’ve never seen what I need to be happy with such clarity before, whereas before becoming a mummy, I’d jump between hobbies, interests, dream careers etc never quite satisfied or sure what it would take for me to become content and stable (beyond my amazing relationship with Toby, that has never wavered). Motherhood was precisely what I needed to become a content and fulfilled woman.

Boundless Love & Affection

There is nothing quite like the many cuddles, kisses & giggles I share with my baby boy every single day. I don’t think there are any words to adequately describe the feeling. I’ve always been surrounded by affection, with a fantastic family, perfect partner & crew of reliable friends, and Max is just the cherry on top of the cake, the glue to my ‘love network’, provider of comforting snuggles during those bleary early mornings and dark dismal evenings.

Tell me in the comments; how has motherhood improved YOUR life?

Love from Katie. Xx

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