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What NOT To Gift an Expectant Mum...

Are you buying a gift for an expectant mummy? Perhaps for her baby shower, or to bring around to her when you meet the new baby?

You may be unsure about what to buy for her; do you go for something practical, or something a little more fun? Either way, the world is your oyster but there are also things to consider when it comes to what NOT to buy for an expectant mum. Some of these seem surprising to many people, but it’s great to be aware and avoid any awkward situations!

We asked the parents over in our online parenting community for suggestions… Here are the top no-go’s…

Bottles/steriliser/formula or anything related if she has said she wants to breastfeed.

(Unless there’s a pump involved)

If the expectant mummy has expressed a desire to try to breastfeed her baby, buying her a stash of formula and equipment is actually one of the least helpful things you can do for her, which comes as a surprise to some people. Why, though?

  • It can be taken as you undermining her choice and make her question if she can ‘really do it’. It might also be taken as you implying that she won’t last long!
  • During the difficult moments like cluster feeding and growth spurts, being tempted by the can of formula in the cupboard can do a breastfeeding journey more harm than good. This one is something I can personally relate to!

If it gets to the point that a mum feels that her best choice is to formula feed, she can get some herself, buying it for her before the fact isn’t necessary.

Of course, if you chat to mama and she’s interested in pumping for any reason, then a set of bottles and pumping accessories could go down a treat and be a really supportive gift!

Teddies or toys

Trust me, she’ll be gifted plenty and will then be overrun with a menagerie of stuffed animals and other brick-a-brack that baby won’t be able to enjoy for a long time yet. Besides, babies are happy enough with some beads in a bottle and a cardboard box earlier on, am I right?! Perhaps leave toys and teddies for the first birthday or Christmas.

Clothing for the current season, in bigger sizes.

It’ll just go unworn! Many of our parents reported being gifted short sets in bigger sizes when their baby was born in warmer months; this meant that the babies were too big for these gifts by the time spring and summer came around again. With clothing, it’s a good idea to perhaps wait until the baby is born; you’ll then know how big they are, what size they wear, and have an idea of what size is best. Many folk purchase newborn sizes, and baby is born straight into 0-3 months!

You also run the risk of it being not to mummy’s taste… We think that a gift card is a much safer idea.

We hope that this has helped you in your gift search!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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