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Why Kids Aren't Always Fun

You know how everyone says ‘Aw yeah mate, kids. They’re the best things in life and you’ll never love anything more than them?’

I mean, that is true. Then, other times they have an emotional breakdown and you rethink your life choices. Especially when it’s over things as daft as you asking them to put shoes on before going out to play.

Granted, a lot of the time these paddies come from overtiredness or hunger, If you’re one of the unlucky parents who has this battle daily, I just want you to know I pray for you and may the Lord be with you.

I have asked our support group what ‘traumatic’ experiences their children had been in for them to cave under such pressure and cry like there was no tomorrow. We hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Steph Morris: ‘I flushed his poo.’

Chante Raquel King: ‘Because he wanted to go out(which we were) but he wanted to with takkies only #CompletelyNaked.’

Jordan Meara-Smith: ‘My two year old has had two. One over not being able to eat his bum cream and another because his weetabix wouldn’t line up.’

Naomi Marsh: ‘My middle girl had her second operation the other week, when she woke up a boy in the bed next bed to her had been given a glove balloon man (a blown up glove in a sick bowl). She cried for a good hour because it didn’t have a bum.’

Gem Gould: ‘My almost 3 year old and my 13 month old were sitting on the sofa. My youngest put her foot on my eldest daughters lap resulting in an epic meltdown .’

Jamie Renilson: ‘Not being allowed to ride the scuttle bug on the couch.’

Carly Sharpe: ‘The fire stick automatically updated and she couldn’t watch true. Even though we told her it’d be on in a minute.’

Simmone Christine McDonald: ‘I wouldn’t let him eat vicks vapour rub.’

Jessica Johnson: ‘My almost 2 year old is on her 3rd tantrum today.

  • 1st, was because I wouldn’t let her put her cup in the toilet to drink it.
  • 2nd, was because I wouldn’t let her hide in the cooker.
  • 3rd, was because she wanted to go for a sleep I put her in bed for a nap but she wasn’t tired apparently.

What reasons in the past has your toddler had an emotional wreckage over? Tell us in the comments!

Love from Bethany & Team BBY. Xx

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