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Have You Seen This Slush Making Cup?!

by Kloe Forster

Our minds have officially been blown with this Slush Puppie Slush Making Cup!

It looks absolutely perfect for the scorching summer days ahead…

Best of all, the slush making cup can be yours for only £9 – what a bargain!

Get the Slush Puppie Slush Making Cup HERE*

slushie cup

image credits: Menkind

slush cup

image credits: Menkind

Slush Puppies are a summer favourite, they used to be limited to people making trips to the seaside, catching a movie, or having their very own slushie machines. But, not anymore! Now you can make delicious slushies at home and in a matter of minutes using this Slush Puppie slushie-making cup!

This slushie cup is specially designed to be able to make frozen slush on the spot. All you have to do is pop it in the freezer until it’s frozen… like, with frost on the outside kind of frozen. Next, take it out of the freezer and pour in your favourite flavour of slushie syrup which you can get HERE*.

It’ll need some stirring to get going, but, keep the faith! As you stir with the stirring straw, ice will begin to form around the edges and, before you feel the burn in your stirring arm, you’ll have 300ml of wonderfully cooling slush to devour and keep you cool! YUM!

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