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A Strangers Act Of Kindness At Christmas

by Bethany Collings

Heeeeeeeeeeeey Mummies and Daddies!

Do you know a Craig Marshall who works for Sainsbury’s? Because this man helped a mummy whilst having the worst day imaginable, and here is why…

On Monday 12th of Decemeber, Naomi Boffey, a member of our Facebook Group (link at the bottom) posted about an employee from Sainsbury’s. This person stopped to help her and over-exceeded himself, ending in him going above and beyond for this mummy.


Naomi expressing her gratitude.

On one of the worst days of the year, poor Naomi broke down on the M5 with her 19 week old son in tow. To add to the bad luck, something every parent has experienced at least once in their life time – a poonami (if you’re unfamiliar of this phrase it’s when baby poo gets everywhere).

As she waited and everyone passed, one lovely individual stopped. A Sainsbury’s lorry driver!

She wrote, ‘Henry and I broke down on the m5 today about 11.50am it was pouring rain and no where at the side of the road to safety wait as we couldn’t get behind the safety barrier. About 10 mins went past Henry and I getting very wet and Henry crying and finally a SAINSBURYS LORRY pulled up on the hard shoulder to check if I was ok.

‘At this point Henry has had a nappy explosion to top all things off, straight through his clothes and into the car seat. Craig Marshall was the lorry driver he cleared his cab and took me and Henry to the lorry so I could change Henry in the dry. He handed Henry up to me and then carefully took him off me so Henry was safe. He even said he would dispose of the poopy clothes and nappy which were in two nappy sacks!!

He then helped me move my pram to a safer distance from my car, and finally he waited 45 mins in the pouring rain with Henry and I until a traffic officer arrived and the breakdown truck.

MY HERO who went above and beyond to help me. He works for NFT Bristol and they guy deserves such recognition from his company and Sainsbury’s. Thank you Craig for restoring my faith in others and for such a kind act that made such a huge difference to me and my 19 week old baby boy. Henry and I got home at about 6 my car is still poorly though. I will try to track down the company and will write to Sainsbury’s too.’.


As you can imagine the biggest thank you letter has been sent out and this has restored faith in so many of our Facebook readers who saw this on our group. I’ve never known such a selfless man. How many people can say they have had this kind of sympathy and generosity from a total stranger? I could only wish that my own husband was this helpful. What a guy!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Only 12 more days!!!!

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