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Fears Of Becoming A First-Time Parent

by Chloe French

If, like me, the idea of becoming a first-time parent scares the crap out of you then please keep reading. This article could help you overcome your fears.

One of the biggest fears I had before having Sophia was thinking I would be a terrible dad. The main reason I thought that was because I hated interacting with children.

I wouldn’t be seen as an amazing uncle. Whenever I would see my niece and nephew I always felt awkward trying to talk to them. I never knew what to say and/or do. It was the same if a stranger’s child would try talking to me.

I didn’t need to be scared about being a crap dad because as soon as Sophia was born the instincts kicked in. I knew what to do (kind of) and I knew I would do anything for her.

Another thing I was scared of was when you go to dress or change your new-born I kept thinking I would break her. She was so tiny. She was 3 weeks early mind but still a decent weight. It just seemed like any small movement could break an arm or a leg. She was so delicate but so strong. This feeling just goes after a little while and you get used to it. It would be interesting to see what I am like when our new baby arrives. I bet I will so laid back in comparison.

What fears have you had before becoming a first-time parent? Are you scared of becoming a first-time parent? Leave a comment and I will help where I can.Also I have made a video to accompany this article. I am trying to start-up a YouTube channel where I try to give advice and host videos for my blog.


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