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Happy World No Bra Day (…and Friday 13th)!

by Bump, Baby & You

Happy World No Bra Day (…and Friday 13th)!

What is World No Bra Day, you ask?

Well… it is an event that is part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, designed to raise awareness of this terrible disease and encourage ladies to check their boobies for anything dodgy.

You can read more here!

Want to know more about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer? The Cancer Research UK site is extremely helpful and informative.

Here is a helpful infographic on self checking…

A useful diagram from Marie Stopes – click for source.

Will YOU be taking part? I will! Any excuse to ditch my ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’….

It’s Friday the 13th as well as no bra day, funnily enough, so I can imagine there will be lots of participating ladies getting an embarrassing nip-on, or finding themselves unexpectedly needing to run sending their boobies flying all over the place, if you set any store by the superstition!

Thanks for reading! Take that bra off, have a good check, and avoid running if you’re keeping that bra off! 😛

Love from Katie! Xx


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