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Mum Refuses To Let Kids Be Taught By Fat Teacher…

by Bump, Baby & You

Mum Refuses To Let Kids Be Taught By Fat Teacher…

The recent story here in the daily mail has been met with a very mixed response by parents across the UK… some are in agreement whilst many are raging at what they have read, myself being one of them!

Her reasoning?

“Looking around, I noticed that she wasn’t the only extremely overweight member of staff. I couldn’t help worrying about the message this was sending to the children in their care: that being very fat is normal and — when children adopt role models so readily — even desirable.”

Wow… just wow!

In my eyes, not letting your child being taught by a fat teacher is EXTREME.

She is depriving her child of a potentially life-changing figure in their life, she is teaching her kids that it is OK to judge based on appearances. That teacher could be the best damn teacher she ever encounters, yet she is writing them off based on their exterior.

She talk of ‘setting examples’ yet in the same stroke she is setting a hideous example to her own children.

It is NOT supporting or normalising obesity to allow children to have a fat teacher – to suggest to is preposterous, shallow, and overdramatic.

TRUE: obesity is dangerous and unhealthy. I myself have struggled with obseity for my entire life and I am working to get to a healthy weight. I am far from an ‘obesity apologist’ as I know how bad and unhealthy it is to be obese.

HOWEVER: people come in all shapes and sizes, colours, creeds… kids don’t come home from school wanting to be obese just like their teachers, and with the Government fight against obesity being reflected in schools curriculums by way of healthy eating lessons and a focus on PE, kids KNOW that obestity is unhealthy! They don’t see their favourite teachers muffin top and bingo wings and think ” OMG #GOALS!!!!”

As a ‘larger lass’ who spent years volunteering in schools, and then started her primary teaching PGCE (quit due to extreme stress), I’d have been utterly brokenhearted if one of my lovely pupils parents took them out of my class because I’m not physically perfect, regardless of my standard of teaching.

Personally, I think her reasoning is just a guise for her own unsavoury judgemental personality traits whereby thin = superior. Her kids teachers have just drawn the short straw!

ALSO… we all have flaws. Obesity being one of MANY. Good luck finding a teacher who is utterly perfect… your kids are the ones being limited by YOUR idiosyncrasies.

Fat isn’t healthy but her mindset is the most toxic thing on this plate…

Fat can be lost but a horrible personality sticks for life…. sucks to be you.

What to YOU think? Would YOU refuse to let your child have a fat teacher?

Let us know in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx


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