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Reduced Fetal Movements – Gabrielle’s Story

by Bump, Baby & You

Movement Matters – In Support of Kicks Count

At Bump, Baby & You, we are passionate about raising awareness. Fetal movements and what to do in case of concern is an incredibly vital aspect of pregnancy, with organisations such as Kicks Count promoting well publicised campaigns, and with the NHS advice telling mums to seek assistance.

Yet, too many mums are still torn when it happens to them. Worried about bothering the hospital. Got a midwife appointment in the morning, so it can wait, right? Standoffish woman on the phone thinks I’m exaggerating, so I’ll just leave it as I don’t want to cause a fuss. The ladies I asked online said it’s ‘normal’, so it’ll be fine.

Lots of mummies from our private Facebook group have joined forces with the team at Bump, Baby & You to get their personal experiences out there for the sake of raising awareness and drawing attention to the correct course of action that worried mums should take.

In turn, we are working in support of the awareness organisation Kicks Count to bring this vital information to our followers.

Story 3 – Gabrielle’s Story

** Please note: reduced fetal movement is a serious issue. Do not take it lightly. If you are even the slightest bit worried, please see your health care provider. It really could be the difference between life and death. **

It seems that every single day, I read a story or see a video of a tragedy that could of been avoided. Every day mothers are worrying about their little ones movements in the womb, but are being reassured it’s “nothing” and shouldn’t “waste” going to the hospital to get checked.

Mother knows best” is an expression for a reason. Don’t ever doubt yourself. I had a little scare during my pregnancy, so here goes my story.

First, I worked a toooooon during the latter half of my pregnancy. I was the go-to at my work. Somebody called in? No need to panic, I was always to the rescue. There was even several times I worked open to close, because the closing person called out and no-one else could come in, so I just toughed it out and stayed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my job, and enjoyed seeing the hard work show itself in my paychecks even more. Until one day. . .

It was one of those 8+ hour days, and a busy one at that. I was finally home, it was late, and I was starving. I made some chicken noodle soup and sat down to eat it. As I was sitting there, taking my bites, I felt wet down there. I immediately started to panic. Then I realized that she hadn’t moved as much that day. I looked down and could see the red through my black leggings. Okay, trying to remain calm. 

Of course I do what any logical pregnant woman would do, I call my mom! Who just so happens to be a nurse and has birthed five children of her own. She’s pretty reliable if I do say so myself. I explain the situation and her solution was quite simple. GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW TO GET CHECKED. In my head I was like “Wow okay but are you sure? What if I go and it’s nothing?”

Now why, whyyy does it matter if we go and it turns out to be nothing? That’s what we want, anyway. We pray that there’s nothing wrong.

My husband and I hauled butt down to the hospital, and I couldn’t help but cry on the way there. He held my hand and reassured me, but I couldn’t help but think “what if it’s not okay?!” the whole way there.

We were there for a few hours, hooked up to monitors to make sure baby’s heartbeat was good to go. They also did an ultrasound, which showed everything was okay. I was SO relieved!

So it turns out it was all for nothing. False alarm. Do I regret going? Was it a total waste of time? Absolutely not. I would do it again, repeatedly, if I felt the need.

Ya see, we need to realize that the nurses and doctors are there to do their job. If you are feeling like something is off, GO TO THE HOSPITAL. No you’re not inconveniencing them, it is literally their job to make sure everything is okay. That is why they get paid. Do not ever feel bad for going.

Let me put it in better perspective. What’s worse, going to the hospital and it being a false alarm? Or not going to the hospital and losing your baby?

Sorry to be so bleak, but it really is that simple of a choice. I am so heartbroken and can’t stand to see the stories where a mom lost their baby because they didn’t go when they felt something was off, or when they did go but didn’t get the proper care and left when they were told to.

If you have even the slightest worry, or feeling, that something is wrong, please please I beg you go get checked. What does it hurt? And if you go but they try to send you away, don’t take no for an answer. Do not back down until you know your baby is okay.

Stop worrying about going for nothing, or being dramatic. Stop thinking that you’re inconveniencing anyone. Just stop thinking, and go. Your babies life depends on your actions, so don’t second guess yourself! 

Please mammas everywhere, be safe, and just go. 

Get checked.  

Much love as always

Written by Gabrielle Hatten for her blog, theunpretentiousmommy.

Thank you for reading Gabrielle’s story.

Please take her message on board; seek immediate help if you are worried about your baby. Don’t be afraid to bother your hospital, but at the same time don’t be fobbed off – listen to your baby and your body.

You can see the NHS advice for reduced movement hereand the Kicks Count advice here.

Get to know your baby’s pattern, and seek immediate help if your baby’s movements alter – reduced, and in less common cases, a significant increase in ‘frantic’ movements. Do NOT under any circumstances trust a home doppler.

Kicks Count, so Know Your Bump.

Together, we can help reduce the rate of stillbirth and neonatal deaths. Please support us by sharing.

Love from Katie. Xx


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