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Snapchat’s New Update That Tracks Your Location

by Bethany Collings

Snapchat has launched a new update that can now track your whereabouts, giving very accurate readings and scaring many parents. Why? Because anybody who adds you can track your location!

Snapchat allows you to add your friends by typing their username, email or phone number. This is something you can’t set you private, but you do have the option to block people who you do not know.

Perfect for anxious Mums, but does this really help our anxieties?

According to TechBase, Snap Inc., bought Zenly (the software to create the location tracking) for $250 million to $350 million.

How to change your privacy settings:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Swipe right for your friends stories.
  3. Pinch outwards on your screen.
  4. Settings (top right hand corner).
  5. Click ‘Ghost Mode’.

Your location cannot be previewed when on Ghost Mode, saving you from people seeing where you are, 24 hours a day.

The biggest safety concern is that no account is private, anyone can add you by randomly typing your username and depending on your own general settings on Snapchat – they can view your posts.

With the free will to add you by random and now also track your location, what is to say this won’t lead to something frightfully terrible? What if someone has bad intentions?

What are your thoughts on this new update?

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