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The Least Likely Expressing Tool – Can You Guess What It Is?

by Bethany Collings

You ever just think something is a good idea then you second guess yourself? WELL. Here is a little story where I used a vibrator to help my blocked ducts. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vibra-Boobs.

On the 5th October 2016. I posted about a little hack I had seen whilst doing my daily scroll through Facebook when I was feeding my daughter. I am a member of a whole range of groups on Facebook, a lot of them breastfeeding related. One day whilst minding my own business, I came across a lady who had used a vibrator (YES you saw it right) to help her with her blocked boobs.

If you don’t breastfeed or are yet too then you don’t know the pain you can get into when your boobs become blocked or even worse, develop Mastitis because not only does it hurt but you can actually become really unwell.  So you always have to express as soon as you can when you start to feel those puppies fill up and get bumpy!


You wouldn’t believe me but this picture has gone viral around Facebook, with people messaging me to say how brilliant an idea this is and and they’ve shared it onto another group. It is a shame that I originally posted in Bump, Baby and You’s Facebook group and this image has been shared onto other groups without any credit towards myself or the place it was posted. So I am writing it before others do and take any credit for my image.

In my experience, this really helped me. I always have a full left side due to favouring my right so when I wake up it is constantly bigger. I can never get the time to do a proper session of expressing and I found using this made it much quicker. I started the pump on a slow speed and gradually increased it, I also then increased the speed on the vibrator to really get my boobs relaxed. When I felt my let down I decided to set it on a comfortable speed and just went with it. After 10 minutes and only producing drips I stopped and noticed I had filled 5oz.

And yes, my poor husband did have a ‘WTF’ moment when I ran upstairs like a hyped up child on red coloured M&Ms for him to decide to walk in whilst holding our daughter, mid expressing. He probably thought this meant he was out of the job when he saw me looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights!

If this is something you’d like to have a go at and to see how it works out then click here to buy your own vibrating boob device. Or if you’re interesting in using the same expressing machine as me then click here.

When I usually express it probably takes me around 30 minutes on both boobs to get this amount. So for a ten minute session with a vibrator, this is something I will totally be doing it again. I cannot recommend this enough.



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