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Unsolicited Parenting Advice That Mums HATE

by Bump, Baby & You

Unsolicited Parenting Advice That Mums HATE

Isn’t it just SO fucking irritating to be given unsolicited parenting advice? Even worse, when this parenting advice is completely contrary to evidence and medical advice?

Here are the top 10 – it was tough to pick these due to the HUGE number of responses I got…

1) “Oh, baby’s crying! Must be hungry.”

Just fed them, actually. Please stop making assumptions and let me do my parenting thing…

2) “Milk isn’t enough, baby needs food!”

Hun, my child is EIGHT WEEKS OLD. Shut your trap.

3) “Put some rusk/rice in the bottle to make them sleep all night!”

I mean, fuck the SIDS risk, right? Never mind the fact that tiny babies aren’t meant to sleep through the night as a biological mechanism to prevent SIDS causes short sleep cycles. Nah, I’ll take my 3 hour at a time dozes thanks. PS this is actually a choking hazard and no longer advised by the NHS or the American Academy of Pediatrics….

4) “Baby should be in their own room now!”

Says who? Mind your own business. Nothing wrong with extended room sharing if that’s what a family is happy with.

5) “Why isn’t your (tiny) baby in a routine yet?”

Because my baby is TINY… I’m not going to dictate when my child should or shouldn’t be hungry or tired…

6) “Are you STILL breastfeeding? Surely baby needs formula by now?”

Yes, my boobs are STILL giving my child all that they need, thanks for your concern. Mind your own tits, love.

7) “You should give your (breastfed) baby water!”

*Smacks head off wall in frustration”. No, no, no, no and NO. I don’t want my child to die of hyponatremia.

8) “Awwww, mean mummy won’t let you have chocolate!”

Don’t you dare demonise me to my own child for the healthy lifesytle choices I am making for my family!

9) “Baby is too cold, put some blankets on them!”

Erm… it’s a hot summers day, so I won’t be doing that. Also, please don’t tell me how to parent.

10) “Sleep when baby sleeps!”

…I guess I’ll clean when baby cleans, shower when baby showers, do the online food shop when the baby is doing their own online shopping too then, yeah? Eye fucking roll.

People, eh? Sigh. All we can do is hit them back with some FIYAAAAH responses and continue doing our thing!

Keep on doing your thing, mamas!

Please feel free to comment with annoying unsolicited shit that people have offered up to you.

Love from Katie. Xx


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