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Which Trunki Is Made For Me

by Bethany Collings

If you’ve booked a holiday, you may have found yourself scrolling through pages and pages of different links and reviews on Google. Still undecided on which suitcase is best for you and your little one.

But why should I get a Trunki?

Until you have experienced a holiday with a child of any age, you will find it can be challenging. The older, sometimes the harder. Trying to find different ways to entertain them, keeping them as quiet and happy as can be – it could make you cry I swear!

With the Trunki Suitcase, you can pre-pack everything for your flight. From toys, games, FOOD, spare clothes and nappies.

The best bit? IT’S CAN BE RIDDEN!

Pulling your child through the airport, I can imagine it now – slow mo Mum, with your luscious hair flowing in the wind and all the other parents just wishing they were you.

Trunki’s come in so many different shapes, colours and designs. You are really spoilt for choice and with just booking a holiday to Disneyworld, you can bet I’m getting one!

My Best Bits?

  • It’s lightweight and made from similar plastic as grown-up suitcases.
  • The is super comfy saddle so you won’t need to worry about the ‘Muuumm my legs hurt’ comment.
  • Horns to hold onto your Trunki.
  • Tow strap with key so the belonging with in stay safe.  As well as the ability to pull, you can carry handle onto flights with complete ease.
  • They have also included a ‘Teddy Bear Seatbelt’ and that alone has won my vote!

You can see the full collection here.

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