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A Guide: Our Top 5 Bottle Brands!

by Katie Hodgkins

Our Top 5 Bottle Brands!

Hi guys!

I was doing my shopping a few days ago when I noticed; there are SO MANY brands of bottles for new mums to choose from if they opt to bottle feed.

It’s insane. It is crazy. It is added stress!

So I thought, why not ask the lovely mummies in our private group for their feedback?

I MUST stress; it is a case of trial and error quite often.

All babies are individuals and what works for one may not work for another.

However, this guide will merely give feedback on the top 5 brands recommended by our mummies from personal experience to allow you to make an informed choice based on your individual bundle of joy.

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee bottles get very mixed feedback; however, they remain resoundingly the most popular. They tend to often be on offer at most supermarkets too, so maybe market advantage is the reason for their popularity?

Some mums have noted that Tommee Tippee bottles seem to give their babies colic and wrapped wind, but plenty of mums haven’t experienced the same issue! Coincidence? Who knows? If you’re concerned about colic and wind, Tommee Tippee also do a range of ‘Advanced Comfort‘ anti colic bottles which are rated well in the group.

They’re affordable, come in a variety of colours, and they’re simple to use and clean!

Dr Browns

Dr Browns specialist anti colic bottles are very, VERY popular with mums who have colicky babies. The ‘insert’ to the bottle creates a vacuum, removing any excess air from the milk thus eliminating colic and excess gas in many babies. Pretty cool! They’re very sturdy too, but a pain in the arse to clean properly… I say this from personal experience!


MAM makes bottles that self sterilise.

I repeat; SELF STERILISE!!!!

Plus one point just for this awesome feature. All you have to do is add water, microwave, and hey presto! A freshly sterilised bottle.

They come in a wide range; self sterilising, anti colic, glass, and standard to suit your preferences, plus they also do trainer bottles for babies who’re weaning off the bottle and onto sippy cups.

Research done in 2010 2011 shows that MAM bottles cause 80% less colic in babies, which is excellent news for mamas of babies who have a tendency to be colicky.



Nuk do ranges with a choice of silicone or latex teats, which some of our mummies have praised. Some babies don’t get on well with latex but thrive on silicone and vice versa; just another option for you to try if your baby is having feeding difficulties! Some mums who mixed feed find that latex teats are more similar to a human nipple in texture thus avoiding ‘nipple confusion’.

NUK prides itself on developing products with your baby’s ‘oral’ and ‘orthodontic’ development in mind; excellent for mums who worry about this!


Avent bottles (by Phillips) are designed to be anti colic, BPA free, and have a wide neck for ‘easy cleaning and filling’.

The fact that these bottles are BPA free is attractive to many parents concerned by the potential link between BPA (an industrial chemical used for plastic manufacturing) and hormonal issues. This link is not yet certain or proven yet so don’t worry, but it’s understandable why some parents want to be cautious.

They’ve also been rated very well by mums with colicky babies!

Avent have two ranges; classic + bottles, and ‘natural’ bottles that are designed to help breastfeeding mums who choose to express or mixed feed, in that they help to avoid nipple confusion due to the teat design.

As I said previously, it’s a huge case of trial and error. Your baby could like the bottles you choose immediately, or could randomly decide he/she isn’t a fan. You have SO many options, and hopefully this guide helps.

It’s quite often worth buying the smallest available pack (and cheapest) in order to ‘test the water’ (or milk in this case). Some mums are adverse to this idea but it’s worth buying good quality second hand too, maybe replacing the teats if they’re showing signs of wear. A good bout of sterilising and they’re all good to go, and not a huge waste of money if your little one hates them.

Good luck, mamas! You will crack it!

Love from Katie! Xx


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