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Does Sophie The Giraffe Work?

by Bethany Collings

When I walked into Mothercare for nappies, wipes and a teething miracle, I picked up Sophie and wondered.. Does she work?

When I bought her, I hadn’t even left the shop before I was frantically trying to pass it to my daughter to try out. She LOVED it. New toy, new smell, new thing to play with. She was a hit!

After purchasing her, she also came with an adorable little certificate of authentication and instructions.

But to be very honest, when she was 4 months and the teething frenzy began, Sophie didn’t work.

My daughter wasn’t really into holding something half her size to chew and couldn’t figure out how I made it squeak. But when she hit 6/7 months, that was when she began to take more and more of an interest.

She is now 16 months, past the stage of really being interested but we’ve had a good few months with her help!

If you’re struggling with teething, I’d definitely give her ago! Because what do you have to lose?

She is simple to use, chewy and squeaks. Now my daughter practically has all her front teeth, she doesn’t find her helpful anymore and prefers playing with the bigger girl toys.

PLEASE NOTE: To clean her, all you need is a wipe down. Don’t submerge in warm water as mould will grow inside of the squeaker and then become unsafe to use. Due to the design, you wouldn’t know without cutting it open and ruining the toy.

You can see more what the range has to offer here!

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