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Gaga Kidz – Etsy Store Of The Day

by Bethany Collings

From humourous and relatable vests, to bibs and then to really adorable totes. Gaga Kidz knows exactly what you this year!

I love personalised clothes or better yet, things that can bring out my own personality and allow it to show for with my little one.

I honestly pray for the day I have a boy next so I can have a mixture of girl clothes for my daughter and then FINALLY buy those really adorable little boy outfits for my next.

I can hope..

This comes in either blue or pink!

Perfect for any Insta-Babies out there who love to snap up an adorable pose.

 This bib sums up every child, all the time! FOOD. NOW MOTHER!

My typical day consists of: breakfast, snack, sleeping, lunch, chasing around a toddler, dinner, more chasing, snack, bedtime. So as you can see, not that much food!

If you have someone in the forces, you may like this for any family reunions or just want to surprise your significant other. This vest also reminds me of The Walking Dead – Double bonus!

Now we can all say we end up buying new bags but they’re only for our purses and phone. The rest of the bag is used for toys, dummies or bottles. So the ‘Baby Crap’ bag is probably the most suitable thing for any parent!

You can check their Etsy shop here!

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