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Hurry! Harrods Have Released Their 2019 Christmas Bear – and He’s Stunning!!

by Yvette Embleton

We’ve all heard of Harrods – It’s synonymous with luxury, quality and, of course, Christmas celebrations! Well, they’ve just released their 2019 Christmas Bear and he’s a beauty!


Is December 2019 lining up to be a special one for you and your family? Perhaps it’s your first Christmas with a new bundle joy?, your first in a new home? or has 2019  just been significant in some way, that you want mark it with a special gift? With a Harrods Christmas Bear, you can do just that! 


Meet Joshua!


This festive fella is the star of the Harrods Christmas celebrations this year! He is 42-centimetres of stunning, cuddly-cuteness and he’s certain to sell out- just like his predecessors!  He sits proudly, displaying ‘Harrods’ and the year in gold embroidery on his left foot.


Joshua looks like he gives the best hugs; we are in love with his cozy cream knit sweater and bobble hat! Imagine our excitement when we discovered that he’s also available in two more sizes (91cm and 60 inches) and features in the nearly all of Harrods’ 2019 stunning decorations!


Harrods’ Christmas Bears are notorious for selling out quickly! If you’ve already fallen in love and think it’ll make the perfect gift for someone, we highly recommend ordering it soon to avoid disappointment.

Get Joshua here.*

More from the Harrods Christmas Collection

There are so many gorgeous ways to incorporate Joshua and that famous Harrods name into your celebrations this year.  Here are our favourite pieces of their 2019 Christmas collection:


Joshua Christmas Bear 2019 Decoration

What a sweet addition to your Christmas tree! Joshua is holding on to 2019 and you’ll be able to hold on to this special year too, whenever you decorate your tree.


Find the Joshua Christmas Bear 2019 Decoration here*


Baby’s First Christmas Decoration 2019

Celebrating your baby’s first Christmas? This intricately crafted porcelain decoration made by Wedgwood, will add a classy touch to any Christmas tree! The teddy bear’s paws are splashed with colour and 2019 inscription!



Find the Baby’s First Christmas Decoration 2019 here*


Joshua Christmas Bear 2019 Snow Globe Decoration

This adorable snow globe Christmas decoration features, Joshua sat atop a green and golden present box! A beautiful addition to your family decorations.


Find the Christmas Bear 2019 Snow Globe Decoration here *


Dated Logo Bauble 2019

Add to your Christmas collection or start a new tradition with this beautiful dated bauble!


Find the Dated Logo Bauble 2019 here*


Christmas Boy Bear (23cm)

It doesn’t matter how old you are, receiving this as a gift will make your day!  This cuddly bear is wearing a white pom-pom knit scarf which is adorned with a leather Harrods logo.



Find the Christmas Boy Bear here*


Do you love Joshua as much as we do?  Let us know if you’ve managed to get your hands on this gorgeous bear and who you’ll you giving him too in the comments below!


Harrods Giveaway!

We’re going to be giving away 2 stunning Harrods bears, worth £30 each and 16 Harrods 2019 Christmas Baubles very soon!  Make sure you check back for details and keep any eye on our Facebook page!



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