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Little Tiger Modi Review

by Bethany Collings

Looking for something different to use whilst taking a leisurely stroll with your child instead of a pram or buggy?

I recently purchased a Little Tiger Modi in Grey from my local Smyths Toy Store. Upon arriving, I was only actually going to look and not purchase. I was a bit uneducated in which trike was best because I hadn’t really done any research prior to visiting the store. I was putting a very happy Phoebe in each one, wheeling it around and seeing how she reacted.

I was then approached by a lovely store assistant, who’s name I didn’t catch (sorry!). She explained that depending on what I wanted, the Smart Trike wasn’t my best option and that I should turn my attention to the Little Tiger Modi. They had a beautiful red and grey colour on display. I popped her in the grey coloured trike, pushed her around and fell in love.

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I was told this was a 6 in 1 bike.

  • You could choose forward facing, or rear.
  • Reclines for when child falls asleep. Also a padded backrest and a comfy cushion.
  • 5 Point safer harness with shoulder pads and safety bar for the best protection.
  • Handle bar clutch with front freewheel system.
  • Adjustable handle for Mum. It also allows you to have complete control over the steering system.
  • Rear footbrake

To push me to buy it further, she explained how they had a little sale on and instead of paying £99, I would only pay £79.99. SO as you can imagine, couldn’t pass up a perfectly good bargain.

I’ve used it a good handful times since purchasing last week. Phoebe is One years old and has fallen asleep only once, the shade that is provided keeps her covered from any direct sunlight and she can have a good sleep. I also love how easy it is to push around, it’s like magic.

The only thing I can fault is trying to get it into my car! You have dismantle the trike pretty much down to nothing and it can be a little time consuming, especially if you didn’t build it. But once you get the hang, you’re laughing.

Ultimately Phoebe LOVES this trike and so do I. It’s stylish, easy to use when up and has so many gadgets for the person using it. A free little bag to attach to the trike for your purse or phone and a little storage compartment for anything else. Maybe snacks or toys?

If you asked me, I would recommend this to anyone who asked!

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