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No IsoFix, No Problem – Joie Every Stage Review

by Bethany Collings

Having a car without an Isofix can be a stressful affair when searching for a car seat you want to tick all those boxes you want. The Joie Every Stage ticks all of mine!

I always intended to have my daughter rear facing until the ages of four, but I really struggled to find a suitable car seat that I could use until that age which remained rear facing.

I had picked out the model and colour of my new car seat, but what I didn’t know was that the Isofix was a clip designed into your car seat. With mine being a late model fiesta, my dreams of a safe and large car seat were almost dissipating.

Then I found the Joie Every Stage car seat. This is very similar to their other models which require an IsoFix base, but this just simply needs a seat belt around the car seat. Like you would a carry car seat, but of course, you couldn’t carry this one.

My favourite attributes to this car seat is the size, this can last up to the ages of 12 years old and not to mention the comfort. My daughter always ends up falling asleep during the journey’s and I have started to have to time them better.

Underneath you can choose how laid back you want your child, you can also adjust the height of the headrest because as your child grows to be longer, you may need to take it up slightly each time.

The only downsides are sometimes, EG when she’s asleep, it is hard to get her out due to the seat belt. But the seat belt isn’t really an issue nor is it an eyesore. You become very use to it being there and tend to find it doesn’t bother either of you.

Another is that I find it can be a little hard to tighten the straps. The rule of thumb is you should be able to get only one finger in but no matter how hard I try to pull the tether, it never seems to be tight enough. But this may be because I’m a weakling or doing something wrong.

I paid £200 for my car seat and I love it. I would recommend this to any who doesn’t have an IsoFix car and wants something that can last. Especially as this can go to the ages of 12 years old. It’s comfortable, not at all hard to install and really easy to use.

Colour choices come in Black/Light Grey, Dark Grey/Light Grey, Red/Light Red and Navy/Light Blue.

If you love this as much as I do, IT’S AVALIABLE HERE!

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