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Snoozeshade – Product Review!

by Katie Hodgkins

SnoozeShade – Product Review!

What IS the SnoozeShade?

SnoozeShade is a range of sun shades and sleep aids designed for cots, car seats and buggies.

They aim to provide the highest level of sun protection possible and allow baby to get good quality sleep. They are breathable and allow air to flow.

This review will focus on the buggy-specific SnoozeShade.

What makes it preferable to other shades?

Parasols are a massive pain in the bum... constantly flopping, not always providing the ideal amount of shade… a SnoozeShade removes the faff by providing lots of shade and is easily adjustable.

The use of coverings such as muslins, towels and blankets is now known to be dangerous. These products aren’t safety tested for the purpose of shading a child and can trap air in the pram, causing the internal temperature to rise.

SnoozeShade products, on the other hand,  are designed to do the opposite; they let air flow due to the use of air-permeable fabric. Independent testing scored the SnoozeShade highly in air permeability!

They are also designed to ‘exceed safety requirements’ which is a nice bonus for us mummies!

They can also be used year round to protect against wind, insects, cold gusts and light rain.

What do people have to say about it?

The overall feedback I got from our private group was mostly very positive with the odd point of constructive criticism!

“Had this and found it impractical for my lb of 8 months so bought plus deluxe and it’s great as has a big opening for him to see out but also protect him from the sun.”

• “I use it for Ruby & also used it for Darcey, my sister used it for her two & it’s still in fab condition! I use it over both the pram & car seat & because it’s so lightweight, we take it with us when we go abroad. One of the best purchases I made x”

• “I love that it’s universal! Fits on my oyster 2 pram and also my babystyle stroller. Used it on two holidays so far and great for keeping my little girl in the shade as well as for sleeping!”

• “I have it for my 10 week old and use it on an armadillo flip lay flat as we don’t have a carrycot. I love it! So much less bulky than a parasol and you don’t have to keep adjusting it if you turn a corner like the parasol. The handy zip means I can leave it open and see if she has fallen asleep or not :)”

• “It’s amazing!!! We also put it over the car window, it blocks all the sun and allows us to have the window open ☺”

• “We have one! It’s fabulous!”

• “I love mine.
I like that’s it’s safe away from the sun / heat so peace of mind for me. Especially with it being breathable. Although I still get looks from people who clearly don’t know what it is. I like the window to see baby ‘better’ but would like if more if this could be opened fully. It’s currently still mesh that can be seen through better but I’d like it to open fully. (If that makes sense) I believe the snooze shade plus deluxe does do this I have the plus. It fits any pram which is fab! Also love that it’s a blackout so baby can get a good snooze on the move and link sleep cycles :)”

• “I think it’s fantastic value for money considering all the features, I love mine and my son naps so well with it. I wish it opened more fully but otherwise a perfect purchase!”

Where can I buy it?

You can find the original style here on the SnoozeShade website for £21.99; fantastic value for money considering the thoughtful safety features and ease of use.

You can also buy other versions, such as the Plus, the Deluxe, and the Plus Deluxe which are all slightly more expensive but have additional features such as extra layers, zips and positioning.

Tell us your thoughts on the SnoozeShade in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx


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