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Top Halloween Finds On Etsy!

by Lucy

Are you in need of some Halloween inspiration for yourself and your little ones this year?

It may only be September, but so what! It’s always better to be prepared, plus, now’s the time to snap up all of THE BEST Halloween ideas before they all sell out.

Where do you usually shop for Halloween costumes / props / decorations? Have you ever thought of Etsy?

If you’re sat there shaking your head… WHAAT?! Etsy has an AMAZING selection of everything Halloween. We mean it too, they’ve got you covered for absolutely everything; think Halloween costumes, think Halloween jewellery, think Halloween accessories… (oh, we’re not even finished yet!) think Halloween costumes for your pets, think Halloween house decorations, think Halloween trick or treat bags… Now do you believe us?

Oooh, it’s getting us all excited just thinking about it!  Now for the fun part though, we’ve put together a selection of our absolute favourite pieces for you all to enjoy.

Halloween Costumes For Adults

We just couldn’t help ourselves, we really couldn’t! You know, sometimes we think the adults are often more excited for the big day than the actual kids are… well that’s the situation over here!


Let’s start with the Mummies…

Joker Dress & Green Bow Tie


Ooh wow, we are loving this Joker Dress! Everyone’s scared of the Joker, right? Well wear it for Halloween and scare the living daylights out of someone! Great for all you Suicide Squad fans out there!  Get it here for £39.99.

Spider Costume


Who else is scared of spiders? That’s why this spider costume is the perfect Halloween costume! Plus for only £24.99 you can’t go wrong! Get it here.

Not forgetting the Daddies…

Carlsberg Sweatshirt


Ok, ok, fair enough it isn’t a Halloween costume… but it is absolutely great isn’t it? We mean, there’s just no denying! It’s perfect for the daddies that aren’t into dressing up is elaborate costumes too!  Get it for only £14.99 – bargain!

Highway Man Outfit


We don’t know about you, but the Highway Man always gives us the creeps! That’s why we think this outfit is perfect for Halloween, because after all, it is supposed to be the scariest night of the year! Get it for only £25.95.

Medieval Executioner Outfit


Wow – we’re officially creeped out! How good is this Halloween costume? For only £39.95 too, it just has to be purchased!

Halloween Costumes for the Kiddies

Ok, ok! So we’ve had our fun, but now it’s time for the most exciting part – taking a peep at our favourite picks for your little devils this Halloween. We don’t know who’s more excited!

Let’s start with the babies…

Pumpkin Outfit


This is just the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, we’re not even exaggerating here either! How adorable would your little Princess look in this? Plus it’s only £24.99 too – wow!

Mike Wazowski Costume


Everyone loves Monsters Inc, that’s why this little costume is one of the best we’ve seen yet! Get it here for £33.

Little Devil Costume


This one is super cute – and perfect for your little devil!  It’s so soft, and the design of the hat is so clever, with the point at the front and the little ‘horns’!  Suitable for boys or girs too!

Click here to order it!

Halloween Bodysuits!


There are lots of fab Halloween designs available, which you can have on either a bodysuit or a little t-shirt! Plenty to choose from – and you can mix n’ match if you have a baby and a toddler that want to wear the same / similar!  Click here to order yours today.

Pumpkin Dress


This little knitted Pumpkin / Jack O’ Lantern outfit is just too sweet!  The dress on it’s own is cute – but with the matching booties and headband? Cuteness overload!  Click here to order yours in time for Halloween!

Now for the toddlers / older girls….

Minnie Halloween Pirate

How cute please? This is such an amazing alternative to all of the standard Halloween witch outfits! Get it for £14.99.

Fairy Outfit


Every little girl dreams of being a Fairy don’t they? Especially after watching Peter Pan wanting to be Tinkerbell, everyone’s done it! Well, make your little girl’s dreams come true with this fairy outfit for only £30.

70s Outfit


This is officially one of the coolest outfits ever. Seriously it is, we wish we had an outfit like this when we were little! All of our friends would have been soooo jealous. Get it for only £25.

Now for the boys…

Reptile Costume


We’re sorry but…. How adorable is this? We seriously have no words to describe our love for it, imagine your little boy in it – amazing! We love the simplicity of the idea.  Get it for £17.

Prince Charming Costume

This is sooooooo cute!  Your little man will look extra dapper in this beautifully crafted Prince Charming costume! The detailing on this one is just stunning – right down to the buttons.  Get it here, go on, you know you want to!

Kylo Ren Costume


This one is PERFECT for a little Star Wars fan!!  The quality and attention to details is incredible for the price! Available from 2-13 years too!  Click here to order it now in time for Halloween!

Halloween Costumes For Pets

We’re sorry, but if you’ve never dressed your pet up for Halloween, you’ve never really lived have you? We’ve had so much fun putting this selection together for you…

Pumpkin Dog Sweater

They say one picture says a thousand words… well, this is that picture. AMAZING! Get it here in time for Halloween!

Clown Costume


We bet your cat will be your best friend if you put him/ her in this! How funny? We think you should get it for £15.56.

Pumpkin Costume


We didn’t even realise that you could get Halloween costumes for Guinea Pigs, well, we do now! This is one of the best things we’ve seen all day. Get it for £15.50.

Rasta Dog!


This has to be the coolest / cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  I can just picture my two dogs in these rasta costumes! Click here to order yours.

Halloween Decorations

You can never have too many Halloween decorations in your home, it may only be one day but you can have the decorations out for a few weeks before the actual big day, can’t you? Plus, you’ll be able to use the again and again each year!

Skull Candles

Everybody loves candles – and they’re great for adding to a spooky theme!  We LOVE this set of skull candles – the detail is beautiful! They’re available individually too, if you don’t need a full set! Check it out here.

3 Knitted Pumpkins


The perfect home decoration, these will definitely never go out of style, we know that for certain! Plus they’re only £25.

Bat Decorations


Scare your neighbours or family members with these bat decorations, after all, it is the time for scaring isn’t it? Check them out here for only £8.

Floating Candles


Oooh these floating candles are so good for ONLY £6, they’re the perfect Halloween decoration! Get them here.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Last but not least, how could we forget about the trick or treat bags? We mean after all, the best part of Halloween has to be the sweets…

Ghost Trick or Treat Bag


For only £2.50, you can’t really go wrong here can you? Buy them here.

Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag


We’re loving this pumpkin trick or treat bag, the fact that it’s knitted makes it so much cuter! Buy it for £10 here.

Trick or Treat Bag


This bag is SUCH a great size … and a great price too! Get it here for £7.99.

If we haven’t inspired you with our faves, then not to worry!  There are HUNDREDS of things to choose from in the Etsy Halloween Store – which you can check out for yourself here.


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