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Why I Think Clarks Shoes Are The Best Choice

by Bethany Collings

If your child has recently started walking, you may not know where is the best place to purchase shoes to aid their food growth.

When my daughter started walking two weeks after her birthday, my first thought was ‘I need to go to Clarks’. This is because I grew up with a Mum who worked there when I was a child and there was this little piece of me that told me that they were the best place to go.

I headed online, booked a fitting and turned up five minutes early the next day.

I was welcomed by a lovely lady who took us over to the seating area and introduced us to the person who would be helping us. He quickly grabbed the foot measuring tool, but unfortunately, Phoebe wasn’t in the mood for her foot to be touched. So sensing this – the assistant was quick, efficient and but most of all really patient with us (which was a huge relief to say the least).

My daughter showing interest in trying on new shoes.

I found that the first pair we bought lasted about two months, of course this is going off the speed of my own daughter’s feet but since buying her second pair, we’ve only been a total of three times and she is now 16 months.

I have always found the shoes are sturdy, comfortable and come in many beautiful designs.

For her first pair I chose White ‘Little Atlas’ as we were entering Easter. Her second pair I chose the White Canvas Shoes (this was because they went great with dresses and jeans) and I also pushed the boat out with a similar Blue Canvas Shoes. The pair we currently own are sandals, which, with the current weather, are PERFECT for every occasion. They’re called ‘Beach Tide’ sandals and they’re also washing machine washable!

My current choice of footwear for my daughter. Light-weight, flexible and easy to slip into.

In the end I decided it was best to stick with a closed-toe sandal. I felt this was the right choice because I found whilst my daughter isn’t a fully skilled walker like older children/adults, so she is still pretty clumsy. As we were trying on open-toe shoe, she ended up tripped a few times in store compared to when we switched with the shoe above.

I would just bear this in mind if you’re thinking of choosing an open-toe shoe for a young child this Summer.

The only negative comment I would have to say is the shoe choice in store. With plenty of options in older children and adults, only the standard/generic colours for smaller children I.E Pre-walkers and Toddlers. Obviously you can browse a larger selection online, but in store I do find it is very limited with maybe only about six different pairs to choose from.

Lastly, I do understand they can be very expensive for some, especially if you’re having to purchase them monthly. But I always save at least £30 a month, put it to the side and if she does end up needing a bigger size then I am able to do so.

Regardless, Clarks is my favourite place to purchase footwear. Every time I have been to Clarks, I’ve had Grade-A customer service and it’s the only place I really trust with her ever growing toes. I’ve been to a few of their branches and had nothing but positive experiences to tell.

I couldn’t recommend them enough to any Mum or Dad out there, who is looking for something that is proper and most of all, last. If you’re interested and want to book a fitting, you can do so here.


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