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My Babiie Grey Chevron Highchair: Review

My Babiie Grey Chevron Highchair: Review

Highchair shopping is a total faff, lets be honest. There’s so many things to consider;

  • Wooden or plastic?
  • What pattern?
  • Colour scheme?
  • Brand…?
  • Do we want one that can modulate, basically meaning turn into a booster seat for a normal dining chair?
  • Which type will clean easier?
  • Plus the PLETHORA of other fancy high tech features out there…

Oh, and budget is pretty important too. I will say this – you get what you pay for.

We had a standard green polkadot highchair gifted to us by my parents – it did the job, but Max found it too uncomfortable and it had zero support or cushioning. It was also falling to pieces!

For his first birthday, he was given lots of money! So, me and papa put our heads together and decided to splurge on a good highchair that looks good, is comfortable, and is durable!

Presenting; the My Babiie Grey Chevron highchair!

This range is the brainchild of Billie Faiers, whom you may have heard of if you’re familiar with TOWIE. Her products are all gorgeous, excellent quality, but also a reasonable price. We got this for £69.99 at Argos, which is within the upper range in terms of pricing but not the most expensive by far. We felt it was a perfect balance between ‘getting what you pay for’ at a reasonable price, and excellent quality.


This particular range comes in quite a few different patterns and colour schemes, which does make life hard if you’re as indecisive as myself. However, the simple yet stylish monochrome chevron pattern paired with the eye catching neon yellow accents really won me and papa over. We LOVED the elephant patterned option, but ultimately the simplicity of the chevrons was our favourite.

The specs are as follows;

  • Winner of 2017 gold award for best nursery brand and Which Best Buy!!!
  • Quick and easy to assemble (I’d disagree but I’ll explain why later…)
  • 6 different height settings – we find this handy as we sometimes feed at the table or from the sofa.
  • Aluminium frame, so sturdy yet lightweight.
  • Converts to reclining baby seat and a low chair, meaning it is versatile and useful even in later years.
  • 1 tray with a second clip-on tray that can be removed for washing – also dishwasher safe!
  • Cup holder and other little compartments on the tray for different foods.
  • Upholstered, VERY SQUISHY wipe clean seat.
  • Removable washable seat cover.
  • Reclining seat – 3 recline positions for when your little one cannot hack dinner time and zonks.
  • 5 point harness, which releases at the push of a button.

A closer look at the lovely squishy padding; very comfortable for your little one! Especially if they’re quite skinny like my son!


This seat also comes in the following patterns;

Rabbits – currently discounted at £64.99! Click to purchase.

Floral, £64.99. Click to purchase.

Elephant, £69.99 – click to purchase!

Butterfly, £69.99. Click to purchase.

My experience


Boy oh boy. The instructions are, to be honest, awful. Me and papa are very experienced at putting furniture together, both highly educated individuals so we’re not stupid BUT this highchair stumped us.

That is literally the only negative aspect for us!


  • Aesthetically pleasing, so we won’t have to hide it away in shame when guests come over.
  • Max finds it comfortable and will eat in there without screaming… yay!
  • Very easy to wipe clean, Max is a messy eater so we needed this.
  • Very sturdy frame, with straps that feel really secure. I feel safe putting him into it – the kid is a wriggler!
  • The removable layer on the tray is a fab touch!

Judging by Max’s smile, he is VERY happy with his awesome new highchair!


Other than really rubbish instructions, we are incredibly pleased with our purchase. I’m not a fan of TOWIE  and always swore blind that I’d never buy products affiliated with the show out of principle… but I was proven very wrong! Billie Faiers has proven that she has a flair and acumen for the baby products market, and I look forward to following her work!

You can buy the My Babiie Grey Chevron highchair here at Argos for £69.99!

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your highchair deliberation!

Love from Katie. Xx

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