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Back To School Sationery - Etsy Find Of The Day

Not thought about back to school supplies yet? I mean, of course you haven’t! But check out these awesome pencil case fillers.

When I was in school, I had the boring standard for my classroom work. Mainly because I couldn’t be trusted and I was utterly useless, always misplacing my stuff.

But I’m pretty sure if I had the pens and pencils below, not only would it be hard to misplace them.. But I would guard them with my life! Take a look at what I mean:

Beauty and the Beast

How sweet are these Disney’s Beauty and the Beast inspired pencils?!

Yours for only £5.00! Avaliable here.

Magic Wands

If you’re a fan of wizards and witches then you’re going to love these wand pencils!

Prices start from £5.50 to £15.00. Available here.

Pearl Crown Pens

How beautiful are these crown styled pens?! Perfect for any Queen B’s.

From £1.76 and three colours to choose from! Available here.

Magical Pencil Set

If your little one is a Unicorn or Fairy enthusiast, why not treat them to this majestic pencils?

For only £5.00 for all! Available here.

Grammar Pencils

Grammar pencils to help those who struggle between the different spellings. I know I would of really appreciated this when I was in school and a newly diagnosed Dyslexic!

The set of 5 cost £7.50. Available here.

Now it’s totally normal if you want to buy these for yourself, because just look at these pencils!

It’s never too early to start stocking up on school supplies.

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