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Clubcard Prices at Tesco Mobile

You can save a fortune off your handset or SIM with Clubcard prices if you join Tesco Mobile!

Let's face it - a mobile phone, in this day and age, is an essential item. We rely upon them for keeping in touch with loved ones, making important phone calls, using the internet to access vital emails and even accessing school communication via platforms like Class Dojo on the go. With the cost of living biting, our phones are something that we'd definitely struggle to forgo so it's a tenuous battle to juggle our budgets.

However, this doesn't mean that we can't save some money when selecting our phones! Tesco Mobile are the place to go for anyone in need of a new handset, whether on a contract or SIM-only, there are so many options and deals to be had.

Take a look at all the reasons why you should consider Tesco Mobile...

Freeze your contract price with Clubcard prices on Tesco Mobile

If you take out one of the fantastic exclusive Clubcard Price deals, you won't need to fret about mid-contract price increases with inflation, because Tesco Mobile pledge to freeze your basic monthly usage price for the entire duration of your contract. Many of us on other networks have recently been stung by hefty inflationary increases mid-contract so the prospect of not having this to worry about is appealing, right?


Tesco Mobile is the perfect network for tech-savvy families who want to cut their spending on their mobile devices!

You can get a new SIM only contract for up to £50 worth of Clubcard points to spend on everything from groceries to days out...

In the market for a SIM only contract? Many of us now opt to do this if our handset is still in good condition, rather than paying more to upgrade to a brand new handset. Well, Tesco Mobile will give you up to £50 worth of Clubcard points if you join on a new SIM only contract - you could use your points against a family day out with one of their Clubcard partners, or against some groceries, the choice is yours.

We love that Tesco Mobile share O2’s network, meaning users get 99% coverage across the UK on 4G, perfect for those of you struggling for signal on other networks. With the roll-out of 5G, you're sure to get an even better connection!

As well as this, what we especially love about Tesco Mobile is the Clubcard points - no other network gives you a Clubcard point for every pound you spend on your phone contract. You can use this savings against your bill, or against your handset. Alongside the excellent Clubcard prices, you're quids in. At Tesco Mobile, a little help really goes a long way.

Other perks of being part of Tesco Mobile...

There really are so many benefits of taking out a phone contract with Tesco mobile, so if you weren't already tempted, you need to keep on reading;

  • You can trade-in service for old devices in exchange for cash or Tesco vouchers, perfect for anyone with unused tablets and mobile phones taking up space.
  • Their award winning service - 2022 and 2023 Uswitch best Network for Customer Service and the best value Pay Monthly Network! This gives you peace of mind, as you'll be getting top tier service.
  • The online Tesco Mobile app that is easy to use and monitor, keeping you fully informed every step of the way.
Our Favourite Tesco Mobile Deals

We spotted some incredible deals at Tesco Mobile when we were looking for a new deal for ourselves - you absolutely cannot miss our 'hero products', the savings are immense and you'll be earning Clubcard points for every £1 you spend along the way. You could use your points to plan some exciting family days out over the school holidays this summer, or against your grocery shopping when the kids are at home for six whole weeks eating us out of house and home!

iPhone 13 with 25GB data £34.99 on Clubcard Price (Save £198)


The gorgeous Apple iPhone 13 has a dual camera, a super speedy A15 bionic chip, a Super Retina XDR display as well as a majorly boosted battery life compared to older models. Available in a number of exciting colours, this is a sharp and sleek device with a fantastic user interface making it very easy to use, and it would be a great choice for any family member - although perhaps with a phone cover for the teenagers in your family! For £34.99 a month with 25BG of data on Clubcard, you're saving a whopping £198. It's safe to say that we've not seen any other network offering that amount of data with an Apple iPhone 13 at anywhere near this monthly price, so it's an offer that is too good to miss.

Buy it here*

Samsung S22 with 25GB data £33.99 on Clubcard Price (Save £360)


Speed, performance and sharp visuals are combined with the awesome Samsung Galaxy S22. You can get a huge 25GB of data for £33.99 a month with Tesco Mobile, saving £360 - that's a weekend away to the beach, or passes to somewhere your kids love visiting! Available in purple, pink, green, black and white, you can build the perfect handset and contract to suit you or your family member. 

Buy it here*

Not feeling a new handset? Rely upon having lots of data out and about - perhaps for distracting your little one with Youtube during the food shop? We all know how expensive a large data allowance can be. Well, how about the Tesco Mobile unlimited data 24m SIMO at only £22.50 on Clubcard Price? You'd be saving £60, and can see it here*. It's one that parents in our community are raving about, and we think it's also a savvy choice for kids being given a second hand phone as their first handset who enjoy using Youtube, TikTok and downloading game apps. You won't need to worry about setting a data cap or about paying extortionate charges over any data limits! This is definitely a winner for us.

Our verdict...

Mobile phone contracts can eat into a large part of a family budget, particularly if you have older children who need a mobile phone - it really adds up. With Tesco Mobile, not only are you earning Clubcard Points to use against your groceries and days out, you're also able to access exclusive deals to save even more money on your contract, whether it's SIM only or includes a handset. From their handy user-friendly app to Clubcard points, exclusive savings and fantastic coverage, Tesco Mobile are the perfect mobile network for families. With the cost of living adding extra pressure to households, every little really does help.

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**Advertorial content - written in paid partnership with Tesco Mobile**

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